Shuttle Express Celebrates 31 Years of Friendly, Safe Transportation

Shuttle Express launched its guest service-focused transportation business 31 years ago with just a handful of traditional shuttle vans, pioneering the share ride service model in the Puget Sound region.

Founder and owner Jim Sherrell had a vision back in 1987: to treat travelers with the highest level of guest service and safety. He owned San Juan Airlines at the time, which had the reputation as the safest, most professional commuter airline in the country, and he believed he could transfer that same culture to his start-up transportation company. With that vision, he founded Shuttle Express on safety, integrity, respect, and care, and the same core values still drive the company today.

Shuttle Express has traveled many miles and covered a lot of ground since those early days. Here’s a quick look at the how they’ve grown!

  • Expanded their fleet to include a Luxury Share Ride Family of Vehicles, including luxury Mercedes-Benz vans, new model black cars, and SUVs
  • Added professionally-trained Business Partner Chauffeurs who bring high levels of service and care to every ride
  • Launched Business Class airport service, perfect for busy people who value their time and love outstanding service
  • Created a convenient new APP so guests can book share ride and car service in seconds, track their trips, and monitor their receipts
  • Added full-service mini- and motor coach services for groups of any size

With all the changes through the years, one thing has stayed constant: Shuttle Express’s commitment to friendly, safe transportation service. The Business Partner Chauffeurs are a perfect example. These professionals are the cornerstone of Shuttle Express service, delivering caring and safe transportation for every guest. When you ride with Shuttle Express, you can trust who arrives to pick you up: each chauffeur is hand selected, background checked, drug tested, and trained to offer safe, timely service!

Thanks to our many loyal guests over the decades, we appreciate you! We look forward to driving you for many years to come.

Traveler’s Guide to Eating Well

Traveling can wreak havoc on your eating habits. Being away from home, staying in unfamiliar places, and simply not knowing where to get nutritious and good tasting meals are all to blame. We searched the web for tips to help you navigate dietary pitfalls while traveling so you can enjoy delicious, affordable and healthy food on the road. Bon appetit!

At the airport

Most larger airports have a vast array of eating options to choose from, but they’re notoriously overpriced. If you’re watching your budget along with your waistline, here are some ideas:

  • Eat a hearty meal before you leave for the airport. This is basic advice, but is often forgotten about during the last-minute rush to get packed and out the door. Try to make time to eat a protein- and fiber-rich meal to carry you through several hours.
  • Bring food with you, choosing items that will make it through security and pass the “crush” factor in your carry-on, like nuts and dried fruit. These are the typical choices, but also consider things like hummus and cut veggies, sandwiches, baked potatoes, or leftovers in collapsible containers. Try instant soup for a cheap, hot meal (tip: get free hot water from Starbucks).
  • If you’re on a special eating plan such as vegan or gluten-free, you’ve got several economical options even at smaller airports. Try baked potatoes from fast food joints like Wendy’s, or a veggie-only wrap at a sandwich shop. Most restaurants will also accommodate your needs if you ask.

On your flight

If hunger hits at 30,000 feet and you didn’t pack your own snacks, either stick it out or go for airline food. Some airlines offer tasty fare and not just in first class, but it won’t come cheap. (For insight, check out Delish’s lists for the best and worst airlines for food!) You’ve heard it before: choose lighter options, minimize booze, and drink lots of water.

At the hotel

  • Use apps to find healthy choices — check out Food Tripping, a GPS-based app that locates alternatives to fast food. Or try HealthyOut to help you find healthy restaurant options near your hotel.
  • Pick up some easy-to-prepare food at a nearby grocery store or market, if possible. Even if you stock up on just breakfast and snack items, you’ll probably eat better and save money.
  • Ask for a microwave and refrigerator be delivered if your room doesn’t have them. The hotel may charge you extra, but it’s well worth it if you can prepare and store your food from the grocery store or leftovers from eating out.
  • Pack a collapsible teapot and mini rice cooker to keep costs rock bottom. With a bit of planning, these can fit in a carry-on.

Need a ride?

Take Shuttle Express! We’ll get you to Sea-Tac and back, or anywhere you need to be.

Shuttle Express has a service for everyone: town cars, SUVs, limos, luxury vans, even coach buses for group transportation. And, our professionally-trained chauffeurs go the extra mile, delivering outstanding service every time. Safe, on time, and stress free. So, leave your car in the garage and book now on our new app, at, or call 425-981-7000 to talk with a friendly guest service agent. Happy travels!

6 Reasons to Hire a Designated Driver

If you have holiday parties, celebrations with friends and family, and, of course, that New Year’s Eve bash planned this year, read on for six reasons to hire a designated driver when you go out on the town. Shuttle Express is Seattle’s best choice, with a vehicle and service to match your event. Shuttle Express drives so you don’t have to!


Reason #1: Celebrate safely, with no worries about driving impaired.

This is the number one reason to celebrate responsibly and leave the driving to someone else. According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, driving drunk or high is the most common factor in deadly and serious traffic accidents in Washington state. Don’t take a chance – stay safe and stay out of the driver’s seat.


Reason #2: Hiring a service is affordable.

Compared with the cost of a conviction for driving under the influence, professional transportation is a bargain. A DUI is expensive: legal fines, attorney fees, lost wages and dramatically higher insurance rates, for example. Consider sharing the cost of a professional service among your group to keep costs low.


Reason #3: Everyone can relax and have fun.

When you hire a professional Seattle town car or coach service, everyone can join the party and no one’s left out. You could convince one of your friends to drive, but that plan can easily fail if they back out or decide to imbibe mid-party. With a professional service like Shuttle Express, everyone can celebrate with an adult beverage or two without risking a DUI or an accident.


Reason #4: Your group is traveling together!

With a guest-friendly option like Shuttle Express that offers door-to-door service, you and your friends can all travel together instead of taking separate vehicles. Arrange for one pick up or several, whatever works for your group and keeps everyone safe. And, choose the vehicle size that fits the number of guests in your group and the event – we’ve got town cars, SUVs, luxury vans, mini coaches and coach buses. Bonus: start the party when you get on board!

Reason #5: Someone else is dealing with traffic.

Hiring a professional transportation service means you aren’t worrying about traffic – instead, you’re relaxing with your friends because Shuttle Express is driving.


Reason #6: Parking is not your problem.

Nothing ruins an evening faster than circling the block searching for a parking spot, finding one six blocks away, and hoofing it (in the rain) to the event or party. Hire a driver and skip that problem – Shuttle Express drops you off and picks you up at the door.


Why is Shuttle Express better than a taxi or other car-for-hire options?

Shuttle Express is safe, reliable, and affordable. Our chauffeurs are hand-picked and drug-tested, background checked, and professionally trained for your safety and peace of mind. Yes, we know each one of our chauffeurs! And, we are fully-insured and comply with all laws and regulations. No cutting corners or skirting the rules.

Make your night out or celebration completely stress-free — leave the driving to us.

  • Choose the right vehicle for your group – town car, SUV, limo, luxury van, mini coach or coach bus. We have it all!
  • Book and track your car service on our new APP, quickly and easily.
  • Relax we get you to your event or party and back home again, safely and worry-free.

Let Shuttle Express take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles so you can enjoy your celebration. Reach us at or call 425-981-7096.


Gorgeous Christmas Light Displays Near Seattle

Millions of holiday lights are now twinkling throughout Puget Sound, lighting up neighborhoods and locations from north to south each night! If you’re searching for a Christmas light display near you, here’s a run-down of a few of the most popular ones to enjoy this month. If you have a group going together and you’d rather not drive, call Shuttle Express – we’ll take your party, large or small, out for the night to enjoy the show. So, sit back with your hot chocolate and let us drive!

  • Winterfest – Seattle Center, Seattle
    Nov. 24 – Jan. 1
    Check website for specific events and times
  • Garden d’Lights – Bellevue Botanical Garden, Bellevue
    Nov. 25 – Dec. 31, 4:30 – 9:00 pm
  • Holiday with Lights – Wild Waves Theme & Water Park, Federal Way
    Select days, Dec. 3 – 31
  • Ivar’s Clam Lights – Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park, Renton
    Dec. 1 – Jan. 1, 5 – 9 p.m.
    Free admittance and free parking.
  • Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park, Spanaway
    Nov. 23 – Jan. 1, 5:30 – 9 p.m.
    Check site for admission fees
  • Zoolights – Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma
    Nov. 24 – Jan 1, 5 – 9 p.m.
  • The Lights of Christmas – Warm Beach Park, Stanwood, WA
    Dec 3, 7-10, 14-17, 19-23, 26-30, 2017; 5 – 10:00 pm


Shuttle Express drives you to the airport or anywhere with our private hourly service, even Christmas light displays! Shuttle Express is best known for our popular airport van service, but we have it all—town cars, limos, coaches, and private luxury vans and shuttles.

Our professional, friendly chauffeurs arrive on time and deliver you safely to your destination—no stress, no hassle, no problem. So, if you need airport or hourly service, relax and let Shuttle Express handle the traffic and parking! Book now at or call 425-981-7096 to talk with our friendly agents.

8 Useful (Affordable!) Gifts for Travelers

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life that won’t break the bank? Because Shuttle Express likes making things easier for our guests, we did the searching for you and rounded up a list of useful, yet affordable, gifts that would delight any globe trotter. 

Airbnb Gift Card

Gift your traveling loved one with an Airbnb gift card, available in amounts from $25 on up. It can simply be emailed to the lucky recipient, so it’s perfect when you need a last-minute item, plus it’s easy to add to an Airbnb account and never expires. Winner!

Travel Cord Roll

Here’s a practical, yet inexpensive gift anyone would like – organize device chargers, headphones, and plugins in this stylish travel roll, $20.

Travel Pillow/Infinity Scarf

Check out this clever two-in-one gift! Keep warm in a stylish infinity scarf, but when you’re feeling sleepy on the plane, bust out the travel pillow hidden inside. Unzip a pocket in the scarf, inflate the pillow, and nap in comfort, $40.

Try the World 

If your traveler enjoys international cuisine, consider this subscription service that features a curated selection of gourmet foods every month from around the globe. Boxes start at $19 per month and include specialty ingredients, snacks and beverages. You’ll be the hero all year long.

Logitech Keys-to-Go

Make your traveler’s life just a little easier with this portable keyboard. It’s super light, easy to pack, and features a FabricSkin cover that protects the keys from spills and crud. About $70, this keyboard is Bluetooth compatible with a rechargeable, three-month battery.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Perfect for traveling light, this silicone water bottle only takes up space when you’re using it. When empty, it collapses into an inch-high cylinder small enough to fit in your pocket. BPA and odor-free, it’s just under $20. 

Tie Travel Case

Here’s an option for someone who needs those ties looking good upon arrival: a slim, compact tie case. This one keeps up to six ties rumple-free and in one place, plus has a compartment for accessories, under $20.

Leather Passport Cover

For under $30, give your traveler a monogrammed leather passport cover. These are available from numerous retailers, but here’s one from Pottery Barn to get the idea. 

Need transportation this holiday season?

Take Shuttle Express! We’re Seattle’s safe, trusted choice for private and shared luxury transportation, from black cars and vans to buses and coaches, and our professionally-trained chauffeurs go the extra mile, delivering outstanding service every time.  So if you’re celebrating with a night on the town this holiday season, make it extra special with chauffeured service by Shuttle Express! It’s a gift you and your guests will appreciate.

Book car service on our new app, book online, or call us at 425-981-7000 to talk with a friendly service representative. We look forward to serving you!

Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Next Flight

Air travel has many haters these days, and who can blame them: longer security lines, cramped seats, fewer but pricier food choices, and mounting fees for everything from choosing your seat to storing your bag above your head.

Flying doesn’t need to be miserable. Here are some easy ways to make your next flight more comfortable and, dare we say, even enjoyable!

Get your favorite seat.

Choosing a seat is a big deal for most travelers, and many are willing to pay for the privilege (several airlines now charge for this option).

  • If you’re looking for the most space in economy class, book early and snag a seat next to the window, in an exit row or bulkhead area. This may cost you a few dollars extra, though. The additional space isn’t much, but can make your flight more comfortable.
  • If you’re traveling with someone, book an aisle and a window seat — there’s a chance the middle seat will stay unoccupied if the flight isn’t full, and if someone books it, they probably will agree to switch places with one of you.
  • The app Expert Flyer may give you a leg up on seat selection, alerting you when your favorite seat location becomes available.

Breeze through check-in and security.

  • If you travel often, consider TSA’s pre-check program, which allows members to skip the security routine, meaning you can keep your shoes on and avoid the lines.
  • Check in for your flight as early as possible — after you book, set an alarm on your phone 24-hours before your flight so you don’t forget.
  • Download your boarding pass to your phone.
  • Be prepared – remember to pack your quart-sized bag, then store it in an outer luggage pocket so it’s simple to pull out and repack if going through general security.

Go in comfort.

  • Wear clothes with a relaxed fit in natural materials – think soft cotton pants, loose T-shirts or tops.
  • Skip tight or restrictive clothes, especially on longer flights.
  • Choose layers, which not only help regulate your body temperature during flight but also can save some room in your luggage.
  • Wear shoes that allow you to quickly traverse the length of an airport – probably flats. Slip-on shoes are also easier going through security.

Eat delicious food.

  • Skip the airline’s over-priced warmed up fare and pack your own food. With a little pre-planning you can indulge in your favorite snacks, as long as they pass TSA’s snack rules, don’t take too much room in your carry on, aren’t stinky, and are fairly easy to eat on board.
  • Some old standbys include energy bars, nuts, and fruit, but go beyond the same ole snacks and pack things like hummus and chips, tortellini, wrap sandwiches, or meat, cheese, and crackers.
  • Don’t have room to pack your food? Get to the airport a bit early, choose your favorite spot, and eat before you board. Have an early flight? Here are some breakfast options at Sea-Tac Airport.

Entertain yourself.

  • Since you’re confined to one spot with nowhere else to go, take the opportunity to indulge in a good book. Download the latest best seller before your trip or pick up a book at the airport and enjoy.
  • Take advantage of the inflight entertainment, if it’s offered. A good movie will make at least part of the trip fly by.
  • Play games, draw, or even catch up on work. You’ll be landing before you know it.

Need a ride?

Book Shuttle Express’s private or shared luxury transportation for easy, stress-free airport transportation. They’ll get you to Sea-Tac and back with friendly, safe service you can trust. They arrive at your door, carry your luggage, and get you to your flight on time. Choose from town cars, SUVs, luxury vans, and coaches for private and business service to anywhere.

It’s easy to book online or on their new app, or call 425-981-7000 to talk directly with a friendly guest service representative. Happy travels!

Shuttle Express: 30 Years of Safe, Caring Transportation in Seattle

Shuttle Express is celebrating! The local transportation service has been behind the wheel for three decades, driving busy people to Sea-Tac and back and anywhere in Puget Sound, safely, on time, and with a smile.

Since the day Shuttle Express opened for business in the fall of 1987, the family-run transportation company has provided the best in personal transportation by putting their guests first, hand-picking and training friendly drivers and chauffeurs, and expanding their services and software to meet their guests’ needs

Founder and owner Jim Sherrell created Shuttle Express in 1987 with a vision — to treat travelers with the highest level of guest service, safety, and friendliness. Jim owned San Juan Airlines at the time, which had the reputation as the safest, most professional commuter airline in the country, and he believed he could transfer that same culture to his start-up transportation company. With that vision, he founded Shuttle Express on safety, integrity, respect, and care, and those same core values still drive the company today.

“Our mission was to offer a safe, caring, and affordable alternative to begging a ride or driving and parking at Sea-Tac Airport,” Jim said.

Their professionally-trained, friendly chauffeurs are the cornerstone of their business, delivering outstanding service with every trip. When you ride with Shuttle Express, you can trust who arrives to pick you up: each chauffeur is background checked, drug tested, and trained to offer safe, timely service

While best known for their iconic airport service, they’ve expanded and thrived since those early days by adding luxury town cars, SUVs, limos, and private chauffeured share ride, as well as an extensive coach bus service for groups large and small.

And, their new app is the latest offering to make the booking experience fast and easy!

So, if you need a ride to the airport, your business needs a reliable, professional car service, or you’re looking for group transportation, remember that Shuttle Express is Puget Sound’s transportation expert – they’ll drive you where you need to go, safely and on time. To book your ride or get more info, go to or download the app. Want to talk to a real person? Call 425-981-7000, and they’ll take care of you!

Best Tips for Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially for newbie parents and novice travelers, but with some preparation and a dose of patience, it can also be stress-free and even fun. Check out our best travel hacks for flying with kids.

Prepare Ahead

  • Stock up on dollar store treasures, wrap them like presents, then dole them out during the flight.
  • Try a low-mess coloring pen/paper such as Water Wow, which uses a small amount of tap water and, when applied to the page, changes color. Once dry, the page goes back to white.
  • If your child tends to take off without you, consider a toddler tether, security harness, or backpack harness to keep them safe when walking through busy terminals. It’s a good idea to also have your child wear an ID bracelet with your cell phone listed, just in case she gets separated from you.

Getting to the Airport

  • If you’re in the greater Seattle area, don’t bug your friends for a ride or try to cram your family and luggage into a taxi. Book an easy ride with Shuttle Express—children 2 and under ride free on our shared service, one for each paying adult. Don’t want to share? Choose a roomy private van, town car, SUV, or even a mini coach if your group is larger. Leave your car safely in your garage, where it belongs.

Day of the Flight

  • Dress yourself and the kids for the sole purpose of clearing security effortlessly. This means no metal and no toys in pockets; put phones, wallets, and jewelry in a carry-on pocket ahead of time. Have your ID and tickets in your pockets. Wear slip-on shoes (although kids can leave their shoes on while going through domestic security), and take off your coats and hats.
  • Let your kids bring their own carry-on bag such as a backpack, which will usually fit nicely under the seat in front of them. Avoid allowing them to pack balls or anything with wheels, though, which tend to roll around the floor of the airplane.
  • Explain to your kids what they can expect at the airport and during the flight: why do we go through security, why our ears pop, why we can’t use our cell phone? Knowing why often alleviates anxiety.
  • At the airport, encourage your kids to walk with you to drain some excited energy before the flight. Find a quiet area and let them run around a bit.

Special Tips for Infants

  • Take advantage of pre-boarding, which gives you a few extra minutes to get situated before everyone else boards.
  • Feed your baby during take-off and landing, which can ease air pressure issues and help baby sleep during the flight.
  • Pack a diaper-changing kit that includes a small travel pad, wipes, extra diapers, and small plastic trash bags.

As Seattle’s local airport and private transportation experts, our professional, friendly team has been at the wheel for nearly 30 years, keeping our guests safe, on time, and stress-free. We’re family-friendly, offering shared or private service to fit your needs—our experienced, caring team will take care of you.

Book online now at

5 Gorgeous Wedding Photo Spots in Seattle

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When picking the perfect spot in Seattle for your all-important wedding photos you have many locations to choose from. As one of Seattle’s most trusted private black car services, we’ve taken part in hundreds of weddings, including getting the wedding parties to and from photo shoots, receptions, dinners, you name it.

Our wedding transportation coordinators pulled together their top suggestions for wedding photos, just to get you started.

  • Kerry Park – Kerry Park is extremely popular for professional shoots of all kinds, so beware, you may need to wait in line to get your shots. This small park, just over an acre, offers expansive views of Elliott Bay, downtown Seattle, and Mt. Rainier.
  • Gas Works Park – You’ll get a beautiful backdrop of downtown Seattle at this historic park’s hill, located on the north shore of Lake Union. It’s located on the site of a gasification plant and features unique pieces of the old plant.
  • The Golf Club at Newcastle isn’t technically Seattle, but the views and vistas are incredible backdrops for your photos.
  • Washington Park Arboretum is 230-acres of trees, plants, and beautiful backgrounds, located on the shores of Lake Washington.
  • The Paramount Theatre, with its renovated plush interiors, is in downtown Seattle and is perfect for a glamorous, opulent background.

Bonus: Although not a specific location, areas from West Ballard up to Mukilteo offer a magnificent backdrop of the Olympics.

Planning wedding transportation? As Seattle’s local transportation experts, Shuttle Express has been a part of hundreds of weddings, transporting brides, grooms, and guests to venues all over the region for nearly 30 years. We bring transportation knowledge, professional service, and a caring attitude to your most treasured event to ensure nothing is missed.

Choose from our extensive fleet of black cars, limousines, and luxury coaches to handle each part of your wedding event. Contact us at to arrange a site visit to personally inspect our luxury fleet and to meet your coordinator.

Seattle’s Best Kid-Friendly Hotels

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It’s easy to find family-friendly hotels in Seattle, but with so many to choose from it’s nice to get recommendations. As Seattle’s transportation experts for 30 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of hotels, safely transporting families of all types and sizes to and from Sea-Tac Airport and around town.

Here’s a short list of five of our favorite kid-friendly hotels for families, with details to help you choose:

Alexis Hotel

  • Eclectic modern rooms large enough for cribs and extra roll-away beds
  • Kid equipment abounds here, including high chairs, booster seats, in-room child safety kits, movies, Nintendo, and nightlights
  • Babysitting services available
  • Located near kid-friendly attractions such as the Seattle Aquarium and the Seattle Art Museum

The Maxwell

  • Spacious rooms offer family-friendly amenities such as microwaves, mini-fridges, and sleeper sofas
  • Dogs are welcome
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Comprehensive kids program including coloring books, toys, games, and free loaner bike program
  • Near the Seattle Center and Space Needle

Mediterranean Inn

  • Comfortable, value-priced hotel close to Seattle Center
  • All rooms equipped with kitchenettes
  • 24-hour guest laundry available

Homewood Suites Seattle-Downtown

  • Features two-bedroom suites that sleep six and one-bedroom suites that sleep five
  • Offers free breakfast, free Wi-Fi
  • Full kitchens in every suite

Silver Cloud Hotel Stadium

  • Great location when bringing the family for Seahawks, Mariners, or Sounders games
  • Large king suites mean plenty of room for everybody
  • Heated rooftop pool and Jacuzzi tub are both kid-friendly

As Seattle’s local airport and private transportation experts, our professional, friendly team has been keeping our guests safe, on time, and stress-free since 1987. We’re family-owned and family-friendly, offering shared or private service to fit your needs—and children 2 and under ride free, one for each paying adult, on our shared service!

Book online now at