Building a Culture of Friendly, Quality Service

Since the day it opened for business, Shuttle Express has fostered a culture of safe driving, clean vehicles, uniformed drivers, and creative, caring service for its many guests. Here’s how it all started.

Shuttle Express was formed by San Juan Airlines to connect travelers from across Puget Sound with Sea-Tac and Portland airports. After studying ground transportation models around the US, founder Jim Sherrell launched a van share ride service in 1987, and later added scheduled hotel service, mini- and motor coach service, town car/limousine service, and specialty tour service.

San Juan Airlines had earned a reputation as the safest and most professional commuter airline in the country. Sherrell believed that the safe, professional culture of the airline could transfer to a successful ground transportation company. His goal was to build the new share ride company on the same foundation of safety, service, and reliability.

“Our mission was to offer a safe, caring, and affordable alternative to begging a ride, or driving and parking at Sea-Tac Airport,” Sherrell said. “From our beginning, safety has reigned as our first priority.”

The door-to-door, share ride ground transportation concept had never been tried in the Northwest. Shuttle Express had resistance from government entities and other transportation companies at first, but the service soon overcame objectors and thrived, thanks to well-maintained, clean equipment, highly-trained uniformed drivers, and reasonable share ride fares. Most importantly, Shuttle Express promoted their culture of driving safely and caring for their guests. This was as simple as opening a door, carrying luggage, or being helpful and friendly during the ride.

Throughout the years, Shuttle Express has held a high standard for public service and maintaining low fares. They continue to offer safe, affordable, first-class ground transportation to meet the needs of the traveling public living in and visiting our beautiful region.

“Our culture of caring for and trusting people,
both employees and the traveling public, remains the foundation of Shuttle Express’s success.”

– Jim Sherrell Founder, CEO