Best Tips for Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially for newbie parents and novice travelers, but with some preparation and a dose of patience, it can also be stress-free and even fun. Check out our best travel hacks for flying with kids.

Prepare Ahead

  • Stock up on dollar store treasures, wrap them like presents, then dole them out during the flight.
  • Try a low-mess coloring pen/paper such as Water Wow, which uses a small amount of tap water and, when applied to the page, changes color. Once dry, the page goes back to white.
  • If your child tends to take off without you, consider a toddler tether, security harness, or backpack harness to keep them safe when walking through busy terminals. It’s a good idea to also have your child wear an ID bracelet with your cell phone listed, just in case she gets separated from you.

Getting to the Airport

  • If you’re in the greater Seattle area, don’t bug your friends for a ride or try to cram your family and luggage into a taxi. Book an easy ride with Shuttle Express—children 2 and under ride free on our shared service, one for each paying adult. Don’t want to share? Choose a roomy private van, town car, SUV, or even a mini coach if your group is larger. Leave your car safely in your garage, where it belongs.

Day of the Flight

  • Dress yourself and the kids for the sole purpose of clearing security effortlessly. This means no metal and no toys in pockets; put phones, wallets, and jewelry in a carry-on pocket ahead of time. Have your ID and tickets in your pockets. Wear slip-on shoes (although kids can leave their shoes on while going through domestic security), and take off your coats and hats.
  • Let your kids bring their own carry-on bag such as a backpack, which will usually fit nicely under the seat in front of them. Avoid allowing them to pack balls or anything with wheels, though, which tend to roll around the floor of the airplane.
  • Explain to your kids what they can expect at the airport and during the flight: why do we go through security, why our ears pop, why we can’t use our cell phone? Knowing why often alleviates anxiety.
  • At the airport, encourage your kids to walk with you to drain some excited energy before the flight. Find a quiet area and let them run around a bit.

Special Tips for Infants

  • Take advantage of pre-boarding, which gives you a few extra minutes to get situated before everyone else boards.
  • Feed your baby during take-off and landing, which can ease air pressure issues and help baby sleep during the flight.
  • Pack a diaper-changing kit that includes a small travel pad, wipes, extra diapers, and small plastic trash bags.

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