Traveler’s Guide to Eating Well

Traveling can wreak havoc on your eating habits. Being away from home, staying in unfamiliar places, and simply not knowing where to get nutritious and good tasting meals are all to blame. We searched the web for tips to help you navigate dietary pitfalls while traveling so you can enjoy delicious, affordable and healthy food on the road. Bon appetit!

At the airport

Most larger airports have a vast array of eating options to choose from, but they’re notoriously overpriced. If you’re watching your budget along with your waistline, here are some ideas:

  • Eat a hearty meal before you leave for the airport. This is basic advice, but is often forgotten about during the last-minute rush to get packed and out the door. Try to make time to eat a protein- and fiber-rich meal to carry you through several hours.
  • Bring food with you, choosing items that will make it through security and pass the “crush” factor in your carry-on, like nuts and dried fruit. These are the typical choices, but also consider things like hummus and cut veggies, sandwiches, baked potatoes, or leftovers in collapsible containers. Try instant soup for a cheap, hot meal (tip: get free hot water from Starbucks).
  • If you’re on a special eating plan such as vegan or gluten-free, you’ve got several economical options even at smaller airports. Try baked potatoes from fast food joints like Wendy’s, or a veggie-only wrap at a sandwich shop. Most restaurants will also accommodate your needs if you ask.

On your flight

If hunger hits at 30,000 feet and you didn’t pack your own snacks, either stick it out or go for airline food. Some airlines offer tasty fare and not just in first class, but it won’t come cheap. (For insight, check out Delish’s lists for the best and worst airlines for food!) You’ve heard it before: choose lighter options, minimize booze, and drink lots of water.

At the hotel

  • Use apps to find healthy choices — check out Food Tripping, a GPS-based app that locates alternatives to fast food. Or try HealthyOut to help you find healthy restaurant options near your hotel.
  • Pick up some easy-to-prepare food at a nearby grocery store or market, if possible. Even if you stock up on just breakfast and snack items, you’ll probably eat better and save money.
  • Ask for a microwave and refrigerator be delivered if your room doesn’t have them. The hotel may charge you extra, but it’s well worth it if you can prepare and store your food from the grocery store or leftovers from eating out.
  • Pack a collapsible teapot and mini rice cooker to keep costs rock bottom. With a bit of planning, these can fit in a carry-on.

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