Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Next Flight

Air travel has many haters these days, and who can blame them: longer security lines, cramped seats, fewer but pricier food choices, and mounting fees for everything from choosing your seat to storing your bag above your head.

Flying doesn’t need to be miserable. Here are some easy ways to make your next flight more comfortable and, dare we say, even enjoyable!

Get your favorite seat.

Choosing a seat is a big deal for most travelers, and many are willing to pay for the privilege (several airlines now charge for this option).

  • If you’re looking for the most space in economy class, book early and snag a seat next to the window, in an exit row or bulkhead area. This may cost you a few dollars extra, though. The additional space isn’t much, but can make your flight more comfortable.
  • If you’re traveling with someone, book an aisle and a window seat — there’s a chance the middle seat will stay unoccupied if the flight isn’t full, and if someone books it, they probably will agree to switch places with one of you.
  • The app Expert Flyer may give you a leg up on seat selection, alerting you when your favorite seat location becomes available.

Breeze through check-in and security.

  • If you travel often, consider TSA’s pre-check program, which allows members to skip the security routine, meaning you can keep your shoes on and avoid the lines.
  • Check in for your flight as early as possible — after you book, set an alarm on your phone 24-hours before your flight so you don’t forget.
  • Download your boarding pass to your phone.
  • Be prepared – remember to pack your quart-sized bag, then store it in an outer luggage pocket so it’s simple to pull out and repack if going through general security.

Go in comfort.

  • Wear clothes with a relaxed fit in natural materials – think soft cotton pants, loose T-shirts or tops.
  • Skip tight or restrictive clothes, especially on longer flights.
  • Choose layers, which not only help regulate your body temperature during flight but also can save some room in your luggage.
  • Wear shoes that allow you to quickly traverse the length of an airport – probably flats. Slip-on shoes are also easier going through security.

Eat delicious food.

  • Skip the airline’s over-priced warmed up fare and pack your own food. With a little pre-planning you can indulge in your favorite snacks, as long as they pass TSA’s snack rules, don’t take too much room in your carry on, aren’t stinky, and are fairly easy to eat on board.
  • Some old standbys include energy bars, nuts, and fruit, but go beyond the same ole snacks and pack things like hummus and chips, tortellini, wrap sandwiches, or meat, cheese, and crackers.
  • Don’t have room to pack your food? Get to the airport a bit early, choose your favorite spot, and eat before you board. Have an early flight? Here are some breakfast options at Sea-Tac Airport.

Entertain yourself.

  • Since you’re confined to one spot with nowhere else to go, take the opportunity to indulge in a good book. Download the latest best seller before your trip or pick up a book at the airport and enjoy.
  • Take advantage of the inflight entertainment, if it’s offered. A good movie will make at least part of the trip fly by.
  • Play games, draw, or even catch up on work. You’ll be landing before you know it.

Need a ride?

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