Celebrate Safely, Washington: Plan Ahead, Plan Your Ride!

Shuttle Express is proud to join forces with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) as part of its Target Zero plan to end highway deaths and serious injuries. The goal? Zero deaths and injuries caused by impaired drivers by the year 2030, because even one is too many.

Drunk, Drugs or High, It’s a DUI

Driving drunk or high is the most common factor in deadly and serious traffic accidents in Washington State, according to the WTSC:

  • 25% of drivers in fatal crashes from 2012 to 2014 were drug positive.
  • 19% were impaired by alcohol.
  • 8% of drivers were both impaired by alcohol and drugs.

Because of our commitment to safety and serving our community, Shuttle Express is helping get the word out to “plan ahead, plan your ride” in a special Labor Day promotional campaign aimed at keeping drunk or high drivers off the roads.

How to Celebrate Safely

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can be incredibly costly—add up legal fines, attorney fees, lost work wages because you’re sitting in jail, skyrocketing insurance costs and license issues, not to mention the emotional distress, and you owe a lot of money for that one poor decision.

The best way to celebrate safely? Plan ahead, and plan your ride. If you’re going out with a group of friends, determine who will stay 100% sober and hand over the keys. This could backfire if your designated driver backs out of the deal and indulges, so the safest route is to rely on a professional service:

  • Shuttle Express Black Car Service is available any time for comfortable, reliable sedan, SUV, and limo service for any event.
  • Our professional chauffeurs are drug tested, fully insured, and discreet for your safety and peace of mind.
  • For mid- to large-sized groups, book a 10-passenger van, mini or motor coach.

Shuttle Express is Driving

Make your night out or celebration completely stress-free—leave the driving to us.

  • Book and track your car service on our new APP, quickly and easily.
  • We get you to your event or party and back home again, safely and worry-free.
  • Shuttle Express offers black car/limousine service and private charters whenever you and your friends want to kick back and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving after indulging.

Let Shuttle Express take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles! Reach us at our Shuttle Express sales office or call 425-981-7000.


Hack My Commute: Tone Up While Driving

It’s fact of modern life—sitting in your car for hours each week. More than 128 million Americans commute to work, spending an average of just under an hour in their cars each work day instead of doing something more productive. Like moving and exercising.

If this describes you, here are six simple ways to turn that hour sitting behind the wheel into a no-sweat tone-up session. You can easily incorporate these isometric exercises into your daily commute. Isometric exercises contract selected muscles in a stationary position with no movement, making them easy to do for commuters. Benefits of this type of exercise include muscle strengthening, stress relief, and pain relief from arthritis. They may even lower blood pressure.

The following traffic-turned-tone-up routine will work for anyone who sits. Just be smart, stay safe and keep your attention on the road—if you’re not coordinated or these exercises feel unnatural at first, do most of them while sitting in traffic or stopped at red lights.

Commuter’s Workout at the Wheel

Keep your eyes on the road and sit up straight, while trying to “grow an inch” out of your seat by bringing your shoulders back. Lift your head so that your upper spine is in a straight line. Pull your chin back so that your ears are directly in line with your shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds—remember to breathe!

Tummy Tuck
Tighten your abdominal muscles, pulling them back so your belly button moves toward your spine. Then, tighten your upper abs and move your ribcage slightly toward your hips. Hold for at least 10 seconds, then rest for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times or until your muscles reach fatigue. As you get stronger, increase your time you hold your “crunch.”

Oblique Flex
Flex your abdominal muscles while you raise hip, first your right and then your left, as high as it will go. Hold for a few seconds and lower. Repeat 10 times on each side. This one is best to do while at a stop light or while parked.

Bottom Crunch
This one’s simple: tighten your tush muscles, hold for about 10 seconds, rest and repeat.

Pelvic Tighten Up
Isolate your pelvic muscles and without using your butt muscles, draw up your pelvic muscles and pull in your navel at the same time.

Arm Toner
Here’s one for every stop light: grip your steering wheel at “9 and 3” and try to push your hands toward each other for several seconds. Rest, then grip the wheel and try to pull your hands away from each other for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times, or until you’re tired or the light turns green.

Tired of Commuting?

Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, make life easier with transportation by Shuttle Express. Our daily commuter shuttle services take the stress out of getting to and from work, private black car service gets you to your meeting or to Sea-Tac Airport, and our group transportation options get your team from point A to point B, safely, comfortably, and on time. No hassle, no problem.

Choose from mini and motor coaches, sedans, SUVs and limos, and private vans and shuttles. Tell us your needs and our experienced, caring team will find the solution. Reach us at sales@shuttleexpress.net.

Pets on a Plane: An Owner’s Guide for Safe Travels

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Traveling with our pets can be stress-free and enjoyable—or not. If air travel with a furry companion is in your future, check out our helpful advice, plus links to resources to help make the trip safe, secure, and fun for both you and your pet.

Do Your Homework

  • Before booking your airline ticket, check on your airline’s specific policies. Each carrier has its own rules, so pay attention to any pet-related requirements.
  • Choose a pet-friendly hotel and ask them about any rules or restrictions before you book. Here’s a great resource that lists hotel chains that roll out the welcome mat for your pet!
  • Choose pet-friendly airport transportation. Getting to the airport is easy with Shuttle Express, and we welcome our guests’ pets! Please let us know you have a pet traveling with you when you book. We ask that you observe a few guidelines listed in our FAQ’s to ensure the comfort and safety of our other passengers.Small pets are welcomed when in an appropriate pet carrier that can fit at your feet in our vehicle. If your pet carrier does not fit at your feet, your pet in the carrier can be placed in the back with the luggage and will count as one of your checked pieces. If you have a large kennel, you can book a private van. Exceptions include properly harnessed or leashed service animals, including seeing eye, hearing impaired, and certified search dogs, that will lie at the owner’s feet.

Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Get your pet checked out with your vet before your trip–ensure all vaccinations are current and get a health certificate dated within 10 days of your departure. Ask your vet about ways to relax your pet during the flight if your pet becomes anxious or frightened. For travel outside of the continental US, contact the foreign office of the country you are traveling to for complete details.

Pack a travel kit for your pet, including:

  • Health records and vaccination tags (if you have pet insurance, have the contact information handy)
  • Proper ID tag
  • Portable bowl, bottled water, treats, and enough food for the trip
  • Pooper-scooper, hand wipes, and waste bags
  • Favorite pillow or toy

Feed your pet three-to-four hours before the trip, and go outside for a potty break before you leave.

Take Every Precaution on the Flight

Ideally, your pet will relax quietly in a carrier under your airline seat, but if you pet isn’t small enough here are some suggestions adapted from ASPCA to keep your pet safe and secure during the flight.

  • Book a direct flight whenever you can, since this will lessen the chance that your pet’s carrier will be mishandled by baggage personnel during a layover or will be waiting in the plane’s cargo hold too long.
  • Buy a USDA-approved shipping crate that’s large enough for your pet to stand, sit and turn around in comfortably, and is lined with safe bedding material that will absorb accidents.
  • Identify the crate with “Live Animal,” as well as with your name, cell phone and destination phone number, and a photo of your pet. Also carry a photograph of your pet, or have one saved in your phone.
  • Attach a small pouch of dried food outside the crate so airline personnel will be able to feed your pet in case he or she gets hungry during a layover. Securely close the crate door but don’t lock it. Airline personnel need to be able to open it during an emergency.
  • Tell all airline employees you talk with—on the ground and in the air—that you are traveling with a pet in the cargo hold. If the plane is delayed or if you have any concerns about the welfare of your pet, insist that airline personnel check the animal whenever feasible.

Can’t Take your Pet?

If flying with your pet isn’t possible, you have many options for care. Here are just a few in the greater Seattle area.

  • Hillrose Pet Resort offers pet boarding, daycare and grooming conveniently located near Sea-Tac Airport. Hillrose Pet Resort serves most breeds of dogs, cats, and exotic pets. In this first-class facility, for example, each dog enclosure has a private, indoor, climate-controlled sleeping area. Each dog kennel is connected by a doggy door to a private fully covered exercise area. All areas are cleaned a minimum of 3 times daily.
  • Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5‑star pet sitters and dog walkers if you’d rather your pet stay home, or stay at a pet sitter’s home. Seattle offers a robust list of sitters on this popular site.

Have Fun, Stay Safe

Once you’ve safely arrived, use pet apps to make the trip safer, easier, and more fun. Here are two we like:

  • BringFido lets you explore more than 100,000 places to stay, play, and eat with your dog.
  • Nuzzle is a collar that provides you with the GPS location of your pet constantly. The device features an activity tracker, so you can monitor how much exercise your pet is getting each day.

Need a Ride to Sea-Tac Airport?

If you and your pet need airport service or transportation anywhere in the region, Shuttle Express is here for you. As Seattle’s local airport and private transportation experts for 30 years, our professional, friendly team gets our guests and their pets to their destination, safely and stress-free. Whether it’s driving you to Sea-Tac and back in a sedan or private shuttle, or providing executive transportation in well-appointed charter buses, our experienced, caring team will make it happen. Book online at shuttleexpress.com or connect with us at sales@shuttleexpress.net.

4 Traffic-free Getaways in Washington

Need to get away? Visit these Washington towns for peace, quiet, and plenty of fun.

If you’re dreaming of a lazy summer day without a traffic jam in sight, plan to visit one of these small towns that are within driving distance of Seattle. You’ll find charm and calm with tree-lined streets and gorgeous views. But if things get a little too quiet, check out the family-friendly events, outdoor activities, shopping, and food adventures each has to offer.

Most are easy to get to and are within a few hours’ drive of Seattle. If you are planning a group excursion or would rather not drive, Seattle’s Shuttle Express has options for charter buses and car/van service, too.

Zillah, WA

Located in the Yakima Valley, Zillah is the home of the historic Teapot Dome Gas Station—a perfect photo opp when tooling along First Avenue in this quiet, rural town. The refurbished teapot-shaped gas station was created in 1922 as a visual reminder of the Teapot Dome oil scandal that erupted during the Harding administration in the 1920s. It’s located just off I-82 in a well-maintained city park next to a firefighters’ memorial. After you’ve visited Zillah, explore the nearby Rattlesnake Hills area, which is peppered with outstanding wineries and scenery.

  • Things to do: Visit Teapot Dome Gas Station historical landmark; taste wine and tour cellars at the many wineries near town, including the popular Two Mountain Winery, Dineen Winery, and Cultura Winery.
  • How to get there: From Seattle, Zillah is a two-and-a-half-hour drive via I-90E and I-82E. Don’t feel like driving? Chartered coach service is a great option for groups of up to 55 passengers, with restroom on board the larger coaches and roomy seats. Settle in and enjoy the trip, the wine, and the peace and quiet.

Langley, WA

The quaint little town of Langley on Whidbey Island is a 20-minute ferry trip away, featuring unique and charming bookstores, antiques shops, and clothing boutiques. This small town of just under 1,100 residents offers beautiful views along with its calm vibe.

  • Things to do: Take in the many cultural and art events, such as the Island Shakespeare Festival, the various performing arts, and the art walks
  • How to get there: Just an hour north of Seattle, it’s an easy 15- to 20-minute ferry ride to Whidbey Island via the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal.

Packwood, WA

Delve into the heart of volcano country with a trip to Packwood, a remote little town surrounded by forest and just minutes away from Mount Rainier National Park to the north, with Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument to the south. Packwood is nature’s playground, offering many activities for the outdoor enthusiast for every season—the perfect setting where you can relax and refresh.

  • Things to do: Visit the national parks nearby and enjoy hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and camping; check out the White Pass Country Historical Museum and see the town’s historical collection of mining and agriculture artifacts. Destination Packwood gives a run-down on the many activities for visitors.
  • How to get there: Packwood is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Seattle via WA 410E. Don’t feel like driving? This road trip is ideal for a day trip for a group or family outing, so charter a coach to fit your group instead of sitting at the wheel. An overnight stay with our charter bus is a great option, too, giving you more time to explore the national parks nearby.

Winthrop, WA

Visit Winthrop and feel as if you’ve time-traveled back to the Old West. Winthrop is located on the North Cascades Scenic Byway in the spectacular Methow Valley, and while at times can get a bit busy during peak season, it’s usually a laid-back town where you can experience more than 120 miles of cross-country ski trails and hiking trails. Not to mention, festivals and cultural events abound here throughout the year.

  • Things to do: Hike, bike, and cross-country ski, depending on the season; visit western-themed storefronts, art galleries, and restaurants; check out the Shafer Historical Museum for a peek into the town’s history; don’t miss the R&B Festival in July.
  • How to get there: Winthrop is about a four-hour drive from Seattle, with several route options, all of which lead to Hwy 20E that takes you into town. Charter a bus for an executive retreat or a group excursion, overnight or for the weekend.

Charter Bus to Anywhere

Shuttle Express offers trusted, safe, and reliable group transportation for business or pleasure, groups large and small. We maintain an expansive fleet of mini and motor coach buses, private vans, sedans, and SUVs, perfect for day trips, overnight excursions, corporate events, family celebrations, and special occasions.

To plan your next charter to the traffic-free spots and beyond, contact our team at sales@shuttleexpress.net or call 425-981-7096.

Cheney Stadium, Our All-Star 2017!

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Tacoma’s historic Cheney Stadium is hosting the 2017 Triple-A All-Star Game for the first time on Wednesday, July 12. The stadium is home of the beloved Tacoma Rainiers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. The game brings together the top players and fan favorites from the Pacific Coast League and the International League.

Fans, media members, and club management/coaches all voted on their favorite picks to send to the annual event. The winning league earns bragging rights and the home-field advantage in the Triple-A championship game.

The All-Star fun starts with the Triple-A Home Run Derby on Monday, July 10, the yearly home run hitting contest that features three All-Stars from each league competing for the Home Run Derby Championship Belt.

Triple-A All-Star Game Info

  • Game will be broadcast live on MLB Network and MiLB.TV on July 12 at 6:05 p.m. PDT
  • Game will be available on the MiLB First Pitch app
  • Shuttle Express is the game’s official transportation partner

Get Your Triple-A All-Star Game Tickets and Transportation

Buy tickets and get information for the Triple-A Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game at tacomarainiers.com.

Shuttle Express is proud and honored to be the official transportation partner of the Triple-A All-Star Game. Shuttle Express drives you to the airport or anywhere! We’re Puget Sound’s choice for individual and corporate transportation, getting busy people where they need to go, safely and on time in our sedans, limos, coaches, and private vans.

  • 14- to 55-passenger coaches for group and executive transportation to any event, business or pleasure (group trip to Cheney Stadium, anyone?)
  • Black car service featuring sedans, SUVs, and limos for individual and executive airport or hourly service
  • Private van service, to the airport or anywhere
  • Shared van service to and from Sea-Tac Airport

Our professional, friendly drivers arrive on time and deliver you safely to your destination—no stress, no hassle, no problem. So, if you need airport or hourly service, relax and let Shuttle Express handle the traffic. Book airport service now at shuttleexpress.com.

Looking for a stress-free ride to see your favorite baseball team?

Contact us at 425-981-7096 or email us at sales@shuttleexpress.net.

Congratulations, Cheney Stadium and Tacoma Rainiers!

5 Travel Hacks for Flawless Executive Transportation

Planning travel for your executive team is often a critical part of an administrative professional’s job, but it’s not always easy juggling complicated travel details for others. The executive transportation coordinators with Seattle’s Shuttle Express offered their top five travel hacks and tips for keeping your busy executive’s business travel stress free and organized.

Use a Travel Planning Master Checklist

Save time by creating a master checklist to use every time you plan travel—add to it when a new situation or question comes up, and you’ll soon have a complete checklist that covers your executive team’s specific travel needs. Make sure any planner in your company uses the same checklist.

To get you started, here are standard questions to include:

  • What are the executive’s flight and hotel preferences?
  • Where and when are meetings and events scheduled?
  • Does the executive require WiFi on board?
  • Does the executive prefer private car service?
  • What specific information does the executive need for each meeting or event?

Create a Master Itinerary

Once you’ve booked everything, pull together the information in one document. This brings order to numerous travel details, especially if it’s a complicated trip with several components. The best way to present this is usually chronologically: what happens first, second, third, and so on. Here’s our advice on creating a simple, clear master itinerary:

  • Import all travel information into the traveler’s calendar.
  • Assemble boarding passes, confirmations, and contact info in one itinerary document. You may need to scan these in or create pdfs of some documents and merge them into one.
  • Proofread it thoroughly.
  • Provide a printed version as well as a digital itinerary in case there’s a glitch in technology (no reception, dead battery, lost mobile phone, etc.).

Prepare a Corporate Travel Crib Sheet

Predict the needs of your traveler before they happen—what info will she/he need during the trip? Create a simple cheat sheet with extra information on things such as:

  • Background on the meeting topics
  • Bios on the people your executive is meeting/working with (Google each one, for example, or pull LinkedIn info for background)
  • Helpful info on the location, if applicable, such as weather forecast or events happening in the area.

Take the Pain Out of Meeting Reports

Simply your executive’s reporting process, if possible. For example, create a “call report” template she/he can use to quickly record information following the meeting or event.

Create an Executive Travel Packet

Merge everything you’ve created into an Executive Travel Packet designed to keep your executive on time, productive, and stress free. Here’s an overview of what to include:

  • Master Itinerary, including flight times, airlines, flight numbers; hotel reservation number, contact information, and check in/out times; private car service company info, reservation number, contact number
  • Meeting and event details, including times, locations, contact info for main meeting organizer, and appropriate attire
  • Corporate Travel Crib Sheet
  • Call Report template


Need Experienced, Reliable Executive Transportation?

Shuttle Express drives you to the airport or anywhere! We’re Seattle’s choice for corporate transportation, getting busy people where they need to go, safely and on time. Shuttle Express has it all—sedans, limos, coaches, and private vans.

Our professional, friendly drivers arrive on time, handle your luggage, and deliver you safely to your destination—no stress, no hassle, no problem. So, if your company needs executive transportation, both airport or hourly service, relax and call Shuttle Express at 425-981-7095 or go to shuttleexpress.com for information.

10 Resources for a Fabulous Family Reunion

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Family reunions bring people together, build memories, and strengthen family bonds, but they take work! Seattle’s Shuttle Express has been the transportation answer for many reunions over the past 30 years—extended families, military reunions, class reunions, any type of gathering you can think of. We’ve done some research and pulled together 10 online resources to help you throw a stress-free, fun-filled reunion of your own. Enjoy!

Plan Ahead

The key to an organized event is planning, whether it’s a five-day shebang with hundreds of folks streaming in from around the country or a low-key affair on a Sunday afternoon. We found scads of sites dedicated to helping plan, but here are a few we liked:

  • GatheredAgain.com has a handy check-list.
  • RealSimple.com offers advice for everything from when to start planning to what type of event suits what type of group. Lots of info here.
  • GroupTravel.org has some basic tips for first-time planners.

Use Technology

Organizing an event involving several families gets complicated, so use technology to simplify communications and planning. Create a family reunion website to ensure everyone gets the same info. Groups texts and email blasts are other obvious ways to disseminate information.

Choose Your Location

Deciding where to have your reunion might be easy—the fun will happen in your backyard, or maybe the local park. If your group is adventurous with a generous budget, though, here are some interesting vacation spots to consider. Want to travel internationally? Check out these unexpected locations.

Food Brings Everyone Together

Sharing meals is often one of the main events at family reunions, but it also can be the most stressful part of planning. Depending on the size and budget of your group, the best option may be to go potluck or better yet, catered for the main meals so not everything falls on just a few people. Another idea is to appoint a food “committee” or have a different family be responsible for a certain meal. If you need help knowing how much food to prepare, here’s a guide. RealSimple.com offers three menus—BBQ, Italian, and Mexican-inspired to give you some inspiration if you’re on the food committee.

Let the Games Begin

Plan some activities for the group to break the ice and get people engaged and moving. HowItWorks.com offers up 10 family reunion game ideas ranging from the old standards, like tug of war, to games you develop, like family trivia. Activities like this help create memories, so don’t skip this one.

Getting There

Don’t forget transportation. Shuttle Express will drive your group to the airport or anywhere with friendly, safe chartered bus transportation you can trust. Shuttle Express has it all—sedans, SUVs, limos, vans, plus chartered buses for group transportation. Our professional, friendly drivers make sure you arrive safely and on time, so you can enjoy your family. Contact our helpful coordinators at sales@shuttleexpress.net, or get info and book online at shuttleexpress.com.

Meet Your (Wine) Maker: Barrel Wine Tours

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Living near one of the country’s thriving wine regions is a privilege for us in the Pacific Northwest, and having wine tour company Barrel Wine Tours to guide us through all those delicious tastings is another. Shuttle Express partners with Barrel Wine Tours to bring guests to Woodinville in comfortable transportation so they can sit back, sip wine, have fun … and relax.

Washington State is the second largest premium wine producer in the U.S. and boasts an extremely high number of 90+ scoring wines (that means they’re of the highest quality). Woodinville is about 30 minutes from Seattle, home to more than 100 wineries and tasting rooms ranging from a grand chateau to a tiny garage. Cindy Lawson founded Barrel Wine Tours in 2009, drawing on her background as a marketer, professionally-trained chef, winery owner (she owns Covington Cellars) and business woman to launch the company. To read more about Cindy’s vision for the company, check out this recent article at Kabbage’s small business blog.

Barrel Wine Tours is not your average tour company. It’s a co-op of more than 30 Washington wineries working together to offer guests all-inclusive educational and entertaining tours. BWT’s professional tour guides share the history of the wine and its production and offer cellar tours of the wineries, introducing guests to the winemakers themselves, who offer tastings of their latest releases.

BWT hosts private, guided wine experiences for groups of 8 to 200 guests, both corporate and personal, with options including an afternoon of wine tasting, an elegant lunch or dinner at a winery, or even a workshop where everyone can blend and bottle their own wine.

Here’s what you can expect on one of their popular private tours:

  • Visit 3-to-4 boutique wineries and taste 4-to-5 wines at each winery.
  • Meet the winemakers and tour their cellars, sampling wines from the barrels.
  • Learn from a knowledgeable, entertaining guide.
  • Relax in luxury transportation.
  • Some tours feature gourmet, multi-course meals.

To book a private tour with Barrel Wine Tours, contact them at info@barrelwinetours.com.

To forego the tour and enjoy chauffeured service from spot to spot, contact us–we can help! Shuttle Express offers black car/limousine service and private charters for any event, including private wine tasting. Our professional chauffeurs are trained, insured, and drug tested for your safety and security. We will take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles so you can sip without worry. Reach us at sales@shuttleexpress.net.


Getting There: Seafair Log Boom 2017

Seafair is back for its 68th year, welcoming summer and celebrating Seattle!

The iconic celebration kicks off 10 weeks of festival fun, community events, and fast boats on Wednesday, June 14, at Westlake Park, culminating with the much-anticipated Seafair weekend and Log Boom, Aug. 4-6, at Genesee Park on Lake Washington.


Plan Now for Seafair Weekend

Seafair weekend is the peak of Seattle’s summer for many, with boat races, aerobatic performers overhead and live music. Want a front row seat to the action? Join the celebration on Lake Washington’s Log Boom, where you can park your boat and relax. But plan early and secure your boat’s spot soon. The year, you can reserve your log boom spot directly on Seafair.com.


Getting to the Log Boom

Make your Seafair weekend completely stress-free—let us drive. We’ll pick you up on your schedule and get you to the Log Boom (or any Seafair event!) and back home again, safely and worry-free. Shuttle Express offers black car/limousine service and private charters for events like this, when you want to kick back and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving after a few alcoholic beverages. Let Shuttle Express take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles so you can enjoy Seafair! Reach us at our Shuttle Express sales office for more info.


More Seafair 2017 ‘Can’t Miss’ Events

  • Seafair Kickoff, June 14, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Westlake Park
  • Alaska Airlines Rock ‘n’ roll Seattle Marathon & ½ Marathon, June 17-18, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.; info and sign up at RunRocknRoll.com/Seattle
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Seafair Summer 4th, July 4, Gas Works Park and Lake Union Park; day of fun and live music, ending with a spectacular fireworks show over Lake Union
  • Alaska Airlines Seafair Torchlight Parade, July 29, 7:30 p.m., downtown Seattle, open and reserved seating available
  • Seafair Weekend, Aug 4 – Aug 6, Genesee Park on Lake Washington and various locations, featuring the Boeing Seafair Air Show, Albert Lee Appliance Cup, Hyperlite Seafair Wakeboard Experience, and the Graham Trucking Seafair Cup


Seattle’s Transportation Choice

As Seattle’s transportation experts, our professional, friendly drivers have been getting people where they need to go for nearly 30 years, safely and on time. We’re best known for our iconic Sea-Tac Airport van service, but we do so much more—luxury cars, large and small coaches, private vans.

Wherever you need to go, our experienced, caring team will make it happen. Book online at shuttleexpress.com.



Top 8 Ways Shuttle Express Keeps You Safe

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Transportation is often the last thing on the list when planning your executive transportation, vacation, or conference, even though it’s a critical piece of your plan.

We’ve all seen the headlines about passengers getting hurt, risking their safety, or finding themselves in uncomfortable situations with transportation options that aren’t regulated and/or aren’t following the laws meant to keep riders safe. At Shuttle Express, we care about our riders, their safety, and their comfort. As Seattle’s local transportation experts, our professional, friendly drivers have been getting people where they need to go since 1987, safely and on time. We launched our transportation service on the core values of safety, integrity, respect and care with our guests’ well-being as the priority.

We don’t just talk about safety, we invest our time, money, and efforts daily into a safe and caring service. Here are a few of the ways we keep you, our valued riders, safe and secure:

  1. Adhering to all local, state, and federal regulations.
  2. Checking every driver’s background.
  3. Drug-testing every driver upon hiring and randomly throughout their employment.
  4. Training drivers in intense classroom and on-the-road safety and customer service programs, with quarterly safety seminars.
  5. Conducting a multi-point safety check on each vehicle before it leaves our lot. If even one point doesn’t pass, the vehicle doesn’t go into service until it’s corrected.
  6. Maintaining a clean, smoke-free fleet, with each vehicle scheduled for preventive maintenance.
  7. Carrying robust insurance on every vehicle in the fleet, well beyond what is required by law.
  8. Installing a DriveCam unit in each vehicle, which monitors and records unsafe driving events and accidents.

So, if you need to get from point A to point B, you can count on Shuttle Express for trusted, safe, and reliable individual or chartered transportation for business or pleasure. No guessing what type of driver will show up or if the vehicle is safe and insured, because now you know about all the work behind the scenes that goes into our safety and guest service programs.

We maintain an expansive fleet of mini and motor coaches for bus charters, private vans, sedans, and SUVs, perfect for airport transfers, executive transportation, and point-to-point private service. We’ve got any-sized vehicle you need! Check out our website at shuttleexpress.com to see everything we do, and easily book online.

We look forward to driving you. Safe travels!