Easy Ways to Enjoy Your Next Flight

Air travel has many haters these days, and who can blame them: longer security lines, cramped seats, fewer but pricier food choices, and mounting fees for everything from choosing your seat to storing your bag above your head.

Flying doesn’t need to be miserable. Here are some easy ways to make your next flight more comfortable and, dare we say, even enjoyable!

Get your favorite seat.

Choosing a seat is a big deal for most travelers, and many are willing to pay for the privilege (several airlines now charge for this option).

  • If you’re looking for the most space in economy class, book early and snag a seat next to the window, in an exit row or bulkhead area. This may cost you a few dollars extra, though. The additional space isn’t much, but can make your flight more comfortable.
  • If you’re traveling with someone, book an aisle and a window seat — there’s a chance the middle seat will stay unoccupied if the flight isn’t full, and if someone books it, they probably will agree to switch places with one of you.
  • The app Expert Flyer may give you a leg up on seat selection, alerting you when your favorite seat location becomes available.

Breeze through check-in and security.

  • If you travel often, consider TSA’s pre-check program, which allows members to skip the security routine, meaning you can keep your shoes on and avoid the lines.
  • Check in for your flight as early as possible — after you book, set an alarm on your phone 24-hours before your flight so you don’t forget.
  • Download your boarding pass to your phone.
  • Be prepared – remember to pack your quart-sized bag, then store it in an outer luggage pocket so it’s simple to pull out and repack if going through general security.

Go in comfort.

  • Wear clothes with a relaxed fit in natural materials – think soft cotton pants, loose T-shirts or tops.
  • Skip tight or restrictive clothes, especially on longer flights.
  • Choose layers, which not only help regulate your body temperature during flight but also can save some room in your luggage.
  • Wear shoes that allow you to quickly traverse the length of an airport – probably flats. Slip-on shoes are also easier going through security.

Eat delicious food.

  • Skip the airline’s over-priced warmed up fare and pack your own food. With a little pre-planning you can indulge in your favorite snacks, as long as they pass TSA’s snack rules, don’t take too much room in your carry on, aren’t stinky, and are fairly easy to eat on board.
  • Some old standbys include energy bars, nuts, and fruit, but go beyond the same ole snacks and pack things like hummus and chips, tortellini, wrap sandwiches, or meat, cheese, and crackers.
  • Don’t have room to pack your food? Get to the airport a bit early, choose your favorite spot, and eat before you board. Have an early flight? Here are some breakfast options at Sea-Tac Airport.

Entertain yourself.

  • Since you’re confined to one spot with nowhere else to go, take the opportunity to indulge in a good book. Download the latest best seller before your trip or pick up a book at the airport and enjoy.
  • Take advantage of the inflight entertainment, if it’s offered. A good movie will make at least part of the trip fly by.
  • Play games, draw, or even catch up on work. You’ll be landing before you know it.

Need a ride?

Book Shuttle Express’s private or shared luxury transportation for easy, stress-free airport transportation. They’ll get you to Sea-Tac and back with friendly, safe service you can trust. They arrive at your door, carry your luggage, and get you to your flight on time. Choose from town cars, SUVs, luxury vans, and coaches for private and business service to anywhere.

It’s easy to book online or on their new app, or call 425-981-7000 to talk directly with a friendly guest service representative. Happy travels!

Shuttle Express: 30 Years of Safe, Caring Transportation in Seattle

Shuttle Express is celebrating! The local transportation service has been behind the wheel for three decades, driving busy people to Sea-Tac and back and anywhere in Puget Sound, safely, on time, and with a smile.

Since the day Shuttle Express opened for business in the fall of 1987, the family-run transportation company has provided the best in personal transportation by putting their guests first, hand-picking and training friendly drivers and chauffeurs, and expanding their services and software to meet their guests’ needs

Founder and owner Jim Sherrell created Shuttle Express in 1987 with a vision — to treat travelers with the highest level of guest service, safety, and friendliness. Jim owned San Juan Airlines at the time, which had the reputation as the safest, most professional commuter airline in the country, and he believed he could transfer that same culture to his start-up transportation company. With that vision, he founded Shuttle Express on safety, integrity, respect, and care, and those same core values still drive the company today.

“Our mission was to offer a safe, caring, and affordable alternative to begging a ride or driving and parking at Sea-Tac Airport,” Jim said.

Their professionally-trained, friendly chauffeurs are the cornerstone of their business, delivering outstanding service with every trip. When you ride with Shuttle Express, you can trust who arrives to pick you up: each chauffeur is background checked, drug tested, and trained to offer safe, timely service

While best known for their iconic airport service, they’ve expanded and thrived since those early days by adding luxury town cars, SUVs, limos, and private chauffeured share ride, as well as an extensive coach bus service for groups large and small.

And, their new app is the latest offering to make the booking experience fast and easy!

So, if you need a ride to the airport, your business needs a reliable, professional car service, or you’re looking for group transportation, remember that Shuttle Express is Puget Sound’s transportation expert – they’ll drive you where you need to go, safely and on time. To book your ride or get more info, go to shuttleexpress.com or download the app. Want to talk to a real person? Call 425-981-7000, and they’ll take care of you!

4 Reasons to Choose Shuttle Express Town Car Service

Private town car service in Seattle is more than a luxury these days, with drivers facing massive traffic congestion and meager parking options most of the time. Wasting hours sitting behind the wheel is frustrating and expensive.

Hiring a private car service is one popular solution. Consumers have many options – a quick search online gives dozens of town car companies. Before tapping the app of the newest or biggest service in town, though, consider why booking car service with Shuttle Express may be your smartest move.

More Than Shuttles

What began as a handful of Seattle airport shuttles in 1987 has grown into a full-service transportation company with vans, coaches, and an expansive fleet of luxury cars, SUVs, and limos with service to anywhere in the region.

Here are four reasons to consider Shuttle Express town car service for your next trip:

1.    Safe Ride

When you step into a Shuttle Express town car or SUV, you know you’re safe and secure. Their chauffeurs are hand-picked after undergoing a rigorous selection process – they only work with trained and experienced professionals. For your safety and protection, all chauffeurs are:

  • Background checked
  • Drug tested
  • Fully insured

2.    High Level of Guest Service

Your chauffeur arrives on time and gets you safely to your destination. Going to the airport? Your chauffeur will carry your luggage, and Shuttle Express will track your flight on your return trip.

Every car is clean and well-maintained for your comfort and safety.

Rates are established with no peak pricing, so no surprises or hidden costs.

3.    Licensed and Legal

Shuttle Express town cars and SUVs are legally licensed and comply with all state and federal laws and regulations

4.    Easy to Book, App or By Phone

The Shuttle Express app is easy to use and allows you to book your ride in seconds. It’s simple to download and gives you important info when you need it:

  • Details about your booking
  • Time your driver will arrive
  • Fare
  • Driver’s name and vehicle license number

Want to talk to a real person? Call and book with a helpful Shuttle Express agent, who will book your ride and answer any questions

Need a Ride?

If you need safe, reliable, comfortable car service to Sea-Tac Airport or anywhere in the region, book Shuttle Express town Car Service. They’ll take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles so you can relax. Download the app, book online, or book by phone at 425-981-7000.

Stay Safe, Seattle!

Keeping our guests safe is an all-important goal here at Shuttle Express. Safety is our number one core value, and we’re committed to safety measures and habits that ensure our passengers are taken care of, comfortable, and secure while in our care. But we want all drivers in our community to be accident-free, so check out these reminders about how to drive safely.


Put Your Phone Away

Distracted driving is a problem—putting on your mascara, eating lunch, and yes, talking or texting on your cell phone all counts as “distracted.” According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, a driver who is texting is just as impaired as a driver with a .16 blood-alcohol level. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s Target Zero group has more alarming stats:

  • Fatalities from distracted driving in Washington increased 32% from 2014 to 2015
  • 71% of distracted drivers engage in cell phone use while driving
  • One in four crashes involves cell phone use just before the accident

The new distracted driving law, called “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics (E-DUI),” went into effect in July, 2017. If you’re not clear on what it means, here are the details:

  • It’s illegal for Washington State drivers to use hand-held cell phones, or any electronic device, while driving.
  • Tickets for distracted driving will go on your driving record and will be reported to your insurance company. The first E-DUI costs $136, the second within five years will run you $234.
  • You cannot use a hand-held device even when stopped in traffic or at a traffic light.
  • No typing messages or accessing information, using cameras, or watching videos.


Don’t Drive Impaired

Driving drunk or high is a common factor in deadly and serious traffic accidents in Washington State.

Never take a chance. If you want to celebrate, plan ahead, and plan your ride. If you’re going out with a group of friends, choose a designated driver. Or, hire a reliable, safe, professional service like Shuttle Express:

  • Shuttle Express Black Car Service is available any time for comfortable, reliable town car, SUV, and limo service for any event.
  • Our professional chauffeurs are drug tested, fully insured, and discreet for your safety and peace of mind.
  • For mid- to large-sized groups, book a 10-passenger van, mini or motor coach.


Drive Smart, Practice the Basics

Our drivers and chauffeurs are trained professionals who undergo intensive and ongoing refresher courses and training. It’s one of our foundational rules: always drive defensively. Here are the top three recommendations from our driver training supervisor – make these techniques your habits:

  • Keep your distance. Leave a minimum of three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Don’t speed. Be patient and obey speed limits, especially in urban areas.
  • Look for approaching traffic at every intersection and never assume others will yield.


Safest Transportation Service in Seattle

Skip traffic and let Shuttle Express do the driving! We drive you anywhere with friendly, safe transportation you can trust. Shuttle Express has it all—town cars, SUVs, limos, vans, plus coaches for group transportation. Our professional, friendly drivers make sure you arrive safely and on time, to the airport or anywhere. Book online at shuttleexpress.com or download our new app for quick, easy booking.


Stay safe out there!


21 Brilliant Ways to Use Shuttle Express Transportation

Getting where you need to go isn’t always easy, especially in Seattle where traffic congestion has reached epic levels and parking spots are elusive.

We’ve got 21 ideas on how to make life better – and none involve you driving. Shuttle Express has been around for three decades, getting busy people to where they need to go, safely and on time. Our reliable airport shuttle service gets travelers to Sea-Tac and back 24-7, and our private hourly service offers something for everybody—black car service with town cars, SUVs, and limos, private vans and shuttles, and coach service for groups.

Just to show how versatile we are, here are 21 ways our service can make your driving stress a thing of the past:

  1. Elegant town car service for two for dinner and a show in Seattle.
  2. Share ride shuttle to get your family to Sea-Tac and back – children ride FREE!
  3. Private 10-passenger van to haul you, your bike box, golf clubs, and luggage to the airport.
  4. SUV private service for the office team of five to go out for lunch. No parking hassles!
  5. Mini coach service for 28 staffers to attend training 50 miles away. One vehicle for all.
  6. Motor coach service for a conference, from Seattle to Spokane. We go anywhere!
  7. Town car service to and from your favorite party spot – we’re your perfect designated driver.
  8. Private van or car service to the Big Game.
  9. Limo or car service for an afternoon of wine tasting in Woodinville.
  10. Luxury service for a weekend of wine tasting in eastern Washington, with lots of room to store purchases.
  11. Limo for your teen’s special prom for safe transportation all night.
  12. Private 10- to 55-passenger service to the ski slopes. Bring all your friends!
  13. Coach service for your church’s annual trip to … anywhere.
  14. Mini coach service to get your kid’s soccer team to/from all their games.
  15. Commuter program for your company – keep your employees happy with shuttle service between public transportation hubs and the office.
  16. Town car service for fast, easy private airport transportation.
  17. Coach service for your group to visit Leavenworth during the holidays.
  18. Private service to the Tulip Festival in the spring, just a few friends or the whole gang.
  19. Town car service to your favorite music venue, no worries about traffic or parking.
  20. Private limo service for a stress-free, safe “girls’ night out.”
  21. Luxury limo service for the wedding party.

So, whether you’re working hard or playing hard, make life easier with transportation by Shuttle Express. Contact our sales team at sales@shuttleexpress.net or call 425-981-7096 and see how we can help!

4 Dangerous Washington Hikes

It’s not too late for an invigorating trek through a few of Washington’s more challenging hiking spots! Check out MyNorthwest’s top four dangerous hikes and the best way to get there (hint: Shuttle Express drives anywhere, getting you and your group there safely and stress-free, no danger involved).

From rain forests to mountains to lakes, rivers and grassy meadows, it’s no wonder Washington is a hiker’s paradise. In fact, according to Washington Trail Association’s hiking guide, the state is home to nearly 3,400 trails, any of which might offer some fresh air, spectacular scenery and a good day’s exercise.

If you’re looking for a little more than a walk in the park, the state is home to several hikes waiting to challenge the adventure junkie. These four trails will have your heart pumping — both from exertion and adrenaline.

Muir Snowfield, Mt. Rainier National Park

If you’ve always wanted to tackle Mt. Rainier but haven’t any climbing experience, Muir Snowfield might just satiate your curiosity. Camp Muir — the endpoint of this spectacular hike — is as high as you can go on the mountain without a climbing permit. Beginning at Paradise, this trail is 8 miles round trip, but don’t plan on making quick progress. Until August, the trail is generally covered in snow, and with an elevation gain of nearly 5,000 feet, you’ll be huffing and puffing by the time you reach the camp. Save some energy for the last 250 vertical feet, which Washington Trail Association calls “interminable, even for strong climbers.”

Lake Constance, Olympic National Park

If you’re an avid hiker, you’re no doubt familiar with Olympic National Park, home to some of the region’s most beautiful trails. Widely known as the hardest and steepest hike in the park, the Lake Constance Route offers no mercy to novice hikers. A 5-mile hike with an elevation gain of nearly 3,500 feet, the trail can be very steep at times. Hikers will enjoy beautiful views of Constance Creek, Lake Constance, waterfalls and mountains and is best used from June to October.

Granite Mountain, Snoqualmie Pass

No one ever plans to wind up in a mountain avalanche, but if you’re traversing Granite Mountain, you’d best be prepared. In fact, Washington Trail Association recommends hikers have experience with travel in avalanche terrain before attempting the trail, which runs 8.6 miles round trip and gains 3,800 feet – nearly 1,000 feet per mile. Hikers will navigate large boulders and rocky hillside as they climb higher on the trail. Those who reach the summit will be richly rewarded with spectacular views of Mt. Rainier, Kaleetan Peak and Crystal Lake.

Mailbox Peak, Snoqualmie Region

Yes, there’s a mailbox at the summit. No, it’s not easy to get to. Historically, Mailbox Peak was a hike for ultradaring (and possibly masochistic), hikers, but after massive erosion and countless injuries, the trail was rebuilt — though not for the novice. Gaining 4,000 feet in less than 5 miles (the hike is 9.4 miles round trip), you’ll huff and puff your way through nearly 4 miles of steep switchbacks. To get to the summit, you’ll traverse 960 vertical feet in only a half mile, making that mailbox a welcome sight.

Getting there

With hiking the state’s unofficial favorite pastime, you can count on these heart-pumping trails to be busy during the summer and early fall months. Parking spots can be scarce, so beat the road traffic and get on the trail as soon as possible with Shuttle Express service. With casual van service for up to 10 hikers plus gear, coach service for groups of 14 to 55 and even overnight service for weekend hikes, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor experience without worrying about traffic, parking and leaving your car. For more information, visit www.shuttleexpress.com.

Frightfully Fun Family Day Trips in October

Scare-tober in the Seattle area is chock full of family-friendly events, fun places to visit, and cool activities for groups large and small. Our sales team came up with their personal favorites to give you some ideas for your group of family or friends. Don’t want to drive? Shuttle Express takes the hassles of driving, traffic, and parking off your plate. We have vans, cars and coaches to fit any group, so don’t let Seattle’s traffic stop you from getting out and enjoying events around the Sound this fall.

Apple Fest – Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm

Plan a trip to the country and enjoy Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & Farm’s Apple Festival in Olympia, WA! Beginning Sept. 28 and running every Saturday and Sunday in October from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Lattin’s offers something for everyone in the family: fresh-picked apple samples, bluegrass music, kids’ animal train, face painting, petting farm, pony rides, and wagon rides to their pumpkin patch.

Admission is free, but parking is $5.00 per vehicle. Planning a group visit to the farm? Book a Shuttle Express private van or coach bus so everyone can go together, plus you’ll save parking fees!

Remlinger Farms

Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA, kicks off fall with their Fall Harvest Festival, offered every weekend in October from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Experience a “Full Farm for the Full Day” and enjoy all park rides, live entertainment and attractions, tractor-drawn hay rides, and more. Before heading home, search the U-pick pumpkin patch for that perfect size for carving.

This festival is the largest in the area, with a treat menu featuring tasty options like mini donuts, pizza, burgers, hot dogs and brats, caramel apples and kettle corn. Admission is $19.75 plus tax – check out their website for all the details.

Kinderfest at Oktoberfest Northwest

Oktoberfest Northwest, an authentic Oktoberfest celebration complete with German beer, brats, entertainment, and games, features a robust kids’ fest, too. Bring the whole family the weekend of October 7-8 to Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup to experience and participate in the Kids ½ Mile Rootbeer Run (Oct. 8), games, a scavenger hunt, pumpkin decoration, airbrush tattoos, authentic May Pole dancing lessons, and authentic arts and craft projects provided by the Tacoma German Language School. Check out their website for all the details. Plan easy, safe transportation with a chartered bus or private van with Shuttle Express.

Cascade Kennel’s 5th Annual Haunted Puppy Town Family Event

Want to include your four-legged family members in the fun? Check out Cascade Kennel’s 5th Annual Haunted Puppy Town family event on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Woodinville, which not only promises fun and excitement, but also benefits local pet rescue and animal sanctuary organizations.

This annual Halloween event and fundraiser includes a costume contest for both pets and their owners, carnival games, a haunted but pet-friendly maze, agility demonstrations and lessons by Dogs in Progress, where your dog can test his skills on obstacles including tunnels, A-frames, jumps, and teeter totters. Admission is free, but donations are suggested.

Carpinito Brothers Pumpkin Patch

Carpinito Brothers U-Pick Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze kicks off its 25th year on Friday, Sept. 29 and is open for family fun through Oct. 31st. Whether you’re looking for the best and biggest jack o’ lantern you can find, or you can’t wait to hop on the hayride or get lost in the corn maze, you’ll find it all here. Carpinito Brothers offers a unique selection of pumpkins on more than 20 acres of farmland, two different corn mazes, a farm fun yard featuring farm animals and games, hayrides, a produce stand, and delicious treats like kettle corn, roasted sweet corn, lemonade and more. Check their website for admission information.

Getting There with Shuttle Express

Start the fun at your front door and skip traffic and parking hassles. Let Shuttle Express drive! Our private service offers something for everyone – luxury cars and SUVs, large and small coaches, and private vans. We’ve got plenty of room to haul pumpkins back home, too, so make the most of your day trips and family events and book easy, safe transportation with Shuttle Express. Reach us at sales@shuttleexpress.net or call 425-981-7096.


Have fun!

4 intoxicatingly good wineries to visit in Eastern Washington

September 18, 2017 By News Comments Off

Planning a road trip in search of some new wineries? Check out this article published by MyNorthwest.com, featuring four of the best wineries east of the mountains and how to safely get there and back. Enjoy!

When it comes to food and drink, Washington has every reason to “wine.” In fact, the state is the second largest premium wine producer in the country, boasting more than 900 wineries according to Washington State Wine. But if you’re tired of the same-old grape, it might be time to catch a ride off the beaten path. These Eastern Washington wineries offer the perfect reason to indulge in a day trip — just make sure you’re not behind the wheel.

Northstar Winery, Walla Walla

Merlot, anyone? If a dark red is your cup of, well, wine, you’ll feel right at home at Northstar winery Winery in Walla Walla. Founded in the early 1990s, Northstar has a rich history that includes celebrated California winemaker Jed Steele at the helm. Today, Northstar has access to the top 2 percent of Columbia and Walla Walla Valley’s finest merlot grapes. A visit to the Northstar tasting room is one you’ll remember, and it’s available seven days a week. If merlot isn’t your thing, you’ll also find a good assortment of cabernets and red and white blends. For more information, check out Northstar Winery.

L’Ecole, Lowden

Wine novices, take note: L’Ecole is happy to have you in school. In fact, the Lowden winery is as charming to look at as its wine is to taste, thanks to its iconic schoolhouse. Now the home of the bustling winery, the historic Frenchtown School located just west of Walla Walla is the focal point of L’Ecole’s wine labels. Following in the French tradition, L’Ecole prides itself on creating “reliable, superior quality wines that are crafted for richness and complexity, vintage after vintage” according to the winery’s website. Stop by to taste wines from the Walla Walla and Columbia valleys, including chardonnay, cabernet, Semillon and Malbec. For more information, visit L’Ecole’s website.

Badger Mountain Vineyard, Kennewick

Environmentally conscious wine enthusiasts, take note: Badger Mountain Vineyard offers great wine that both you and the earth will love. The first certified organic winegrape vineyard in Washington State, Badger Mountain Wines has been producing high-quality, organic wines since before it was trendy. The 80-acre estate owes its volcanic soil and an ideal climate to its line of rich and diverse wines. Your tasting might include anything from Riesling to chardonnay to pinot noir, cabernet or merlot. The tasting menu changes monthly, so there’s always something new and interesting (and of course, organic) to try. Find out more at Badger Mountain Vineyard.

Bookwalter Wines, Richland

Need some entertainment with that wine? Bookwalter Winery might just become your happy place. Complemented by live music on weekend evenings, a trip to the Bookwalter tasting room means enjoying a wide assortment of wines, including reds, whites and rosés – in an award-winning environment. In fact, the winery’s flagship tasting room in Richland was named one of the best tasting rooms in the United States by Sunset Magazine. One of Washington’s oldest wineries, you’ll want to grab a couple bottles of this boutique wine to enjoy at home. For more information, check out Bookwalter Wines.

Getting there

A skip over the cascades to the wine-rich country of Eastern Washington is no sweat — when you’re not driving. Stay safe and keep the fun (and wine) flowing with an easy ride from Shuttle Express. Offering full coach service for groups of 14 to 55, or private, comfortable black car service for smaller parties, there’s no easier way to enjoy Washington’s premier wine country. Find out more at shuttleexpress.com.

Book it! Track it! APP IT!

Book fast, ride easy with our new Shuttle Express app

Need safe, on-time private car service? We just launched our new app that will make booking your black car service that much easier. Just book on our Shuttle Express app, then sit back and enjoy the ride!


How It Works

  • Book your private black car, SUV, or exclusive van in seconds to anywhere in Puget Sound
  • Track your trip
  • Get fare and driver info
  • Save trip details in your profile to make booking future rides that much quicker


What About Shared Shuttles and Coaches?

You’ll soon be able to book your Share Ride service on the app, but for now, book shared shuttles at shuttleexpress.com, then once it’s booked you can track your share ride trip on the app, too.

For our 14-, 28- and 55-passenger coach service, call our office at 425-981-7096 for personalized, helpful service.

Get It Now


Shuttle Express Car Service: Safe, Easy, Comfortable

  • Book and track your car service on our new APP, quickly and easily.
  • We get you to your meeting, event, or party and back home again, safely and worry-free
  • Chauffeurs are drug tested and fully insured for your safety and peace of mind
  • Shuttle Express offers black car/limousine service and private charters to get you there, safely and on time

So, let Shuttle Express take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles–download our new app now! Questions? We can help. Contact us at sales@shuttleexpress.net or call 425-981-7000.

5 Hot Spots for a Hot Summer Party

August 22, 2017 By News Comments Off

Our partners at MyNorthwest.com published this helpful article on finding the hottest place in town for the coolest summer fun. Visit them all with safe, relaxed transportation by Shuttle Express!

When the sunshine hits the Pacific Northwest, you know it’s time to party. But planning a unique, memorable get-together can be intimidating. These five venues will delight your friends and family and, combined with a reliable shuttle service, make party planning easy as a summer breeze.

Cheney Stadium

Nothing says summer fun like an afternoon – or entire day – at the ball park. And Cheney Stadium is the perfect way to avoid the MLB crowds and celebrate with local baseball’s most tried-and-true fans. The home of the Tacoma Rainiers, Cheney Stadium is a fun, easy way to gather friends and family for a summertime celebration, complete with hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and, of course, the Pacific Northwest’s best beer, wine and hard lemonades and ciders. With a lineup like that, make sure you’re not sweating the drive home by scheduling your party bus or black car service in advance.

Whirlyball Seattle

Chuck E. Cheese’s might not be your scene, but if you think the whole “eat-drink-play” model should be open to adults, too, WhirlyBall is here with you. This down-to-earth venue is a party in itself, and it’s perfect for anyone young at heart. Located in Edmonds, WhirlyBall is a hybrid of bumper cars, lacrosse and basketball, and more competitive than all three combined. With a selection of food and drinks available – including pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, domestic and imported beers and wine by the glass – this is the spot for an upbeat corporate party, family reunion, birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party. Reserve some transportation to get everyone home safely, and you’ve got a party.

Lucky Strike

Call it old fashioned, but there’s nothing quite like a night at the bowling alley with good friends. Of course, if it’s been awhile since you’ve hit the lanes, you might assume bowling involves polyester shirts, soggy nachos and foul-smelling rental shoes. Not so at Lucky Strike, where the ambience is upscale and epicurean. Located in Bellevue, Lucky Strike offers luxe leather seating, handcrafted cocktails and chef’s specialties – oh, and bowling. Reserve the premium Luxe Lounge and you’ll get four private lanes, a dedicated bar and a large entertainment screen. That’s called a party.

Bellevue Zip Tour

It’s hard to comprehend the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but seeing is believing, especially from high above the areas lush green trees. The Bellevue Zip Tour is a way to celebrate nature and any special occasion. This weekend tour lets you soar through 6.5 zip lines and walk across two bridges above beautiful Bellevue. Tours are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday and are open to ages 9 and up. Pro tip: after an adventurous day in nature, make your trip home relaxing with personal shuttle service.

Waterways Cruises

There’s nothing like summer in Seattle, and you can experience the season’s best with Waterways Cruises. Admire the beauty of Seattle’s lakes and the spectacular Puget Sound from a small private yacht or large entertainment charter. With a wealth of options, you can choose a cruise to suit your needs and party size, from wine-tasting or brunch excursions to private receptions complete with gourmet buffets. Keep your party safe and stress-free with coach or black car service to your port in Seattle or Kirkland.

Getting there

When it comes to planning the perfect party, don’t stress the details, like transportation, parking and designated drivers. Relax and let your fellow partygoers do the same with Shuttle Express, which provides coach service for 14-55 passengers, or luxurious black car service (in sedans, SUVs or limos) for parties of 2-6.