Stay Safe, Seattle!

Keeping our guests safe is an all-important goal here at Shuttle Express. Safety is our number one core value, and we’re committed to safety measures and habits that ensure our passengers are taken care of, comfortable, and secure while in our care. But we want all drivers in our community to be accident-free, so check out these reminders about how to drive safely.


Put Your Phone Away

Distracted driving is a problem—putting on your mascara, eating lunch, and yes, talking or texting on your cell phone all counts as “distracted.” According to the Washington State Department of Licensing, a driver who is texting is just as impaired as a driver with a .16 blood-alcohol level. The Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s Target Zero group has more alarming stats:

  • Fatalities from distracted driving in Washington increased 32% from 2014 to 2015
  • 71% of distracted drivers engage in cell phone use while driving
  • One in four crashes involves cell phone use just before the accident

The new distracted driving law, called “Driving Under the Influence of Electronics (E-DUI),” went into effect in July, 2017. If you’re not clear on what it means, here are the details:

  • It’s illegal for Washington State drivers to use hand-held cell phones, or any electronic device, while driving.
  • Tickets for distracted driving will go on your driving record and will be reported to your insurance company. The first E-DUI costs $136, the second within five years will run you $234.
  • You cannot use a hand-held device even when stopped in traffic or at a traffic light.
  • No typing messages or accessing information, using cameras, or watching videos.


Don’t Drive Impaired

Driving drunk or high is a common factor in deadly and serious traffic accidents in Washington State.

Never take a chance. If you want to celebrate, plan ahead, and plan your ride. If you’re going out with a group of friends, choose a designated driver. Or, hire a reliable, safe, professional service like Shuttle Express:

  • Shuttle Express Black Car Service is available any time for comfortable, reliable town car, SUV, and limo service for any event.
  • Our professional chauffeurs are drug tested, fully insured, and discreet for your safety and peace of mind.
  • For mid- to large-sized groups, book a 10-passenger van, mini or motor coach.


Drive Smart, Practice the Basics

Our drivers and chauffeurs are trained professionals who undergo intensive and ongoing refresher courses and training. It’s one of our foundational rules: always drive defensively. Here are the top three recommendations from our driver training supervisor – make these techniques your habits:

  • Keep your distance. Leave a minimum of three seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Don’t speed. Be patient and obey speed limits, especially in urban areas.
  • Look for approaching traffic at every intersection and never assume others will yield.


Safest Transportation Service in Seattle

Skip traffic and let Shuttle Express do the driving! We drive you anywhere with friendly, safe transportation you can trust. Shuttle Express has it all—town cars, SUVs, limos, vans, plus coaches for group transportation. Our professional, friendly drivers make sure you arrive safely and on time, to the airport or anywhere. Book online at or download our new app for quick, easy booking.


Stay safe out there!