Celebrate Safely, Washington: Plan Ahead, Plan Your Ride!

Shuttle Express is proud to join forces with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) as part of its Target Zero plan to end highway deaths and serious injuries. The goal? Zero deaths and injuries caused by impaired drivers by the year 2030, because even one is too many.

Drunk, Drugs or High, It’s a DUI

Driving drunk or high is the most common factor in deadly and serious traffic accidents in Washington State, according to the WTSC:

  • 25% of drivers in fatal crashes from 2012 to 2014 were drug positive.
  • 19% were impaired by alcohol.
  • 8% of drivers were both impaired by alcohol and drugs.

Because of our commitment to safety and serving our community, Shuttle Express is helping get the word out to “plan ahead, plan your ride” in a special Labor Day promotional campaign aimed at keeping drunk or high drivers off the roads.

How to Celebrate Safely

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) can be incredibly costly—add up legal fines, attorney fees, lost work wages because you’re sitting in jail, skyrocketing insurance costs and license issues, not to mention the emotional distress, and you owe a lot of money for that one poor decision.

The best way to celebrate safely? Plan ahead, and plan your ride. If you’re going out with a group of friends, determine who will stay 100% sober and hand over the keys. This could backfire if your designated driver backs out of the deal and indulges, so the safest route is to rely on a professional service:

  • Shuttle Express Black Car Service is available any time for comfortable, reliable sedan, SUV, and limo service for any event.
  • Our professional chauffeurs are drug tested, fully insured, and discreet for your safety and peace of mind.
  • For mid- to large-sized groups, book a 10-passenger van, mini or motor coach.

Shuttle Express is Driving

Make your night out or celebration completely stress-free—leave the driving to us.

  • Book and track your car service on our new APP, quickly and easily.
  • We get you to your event or party and back home again, safely and worry-free.
  • Shuttle Express offers black car/limousine service and private charters whenever you and your friends want to kick back and enjoy yourself without worrying about driving after indulging.

Let Shuttle Express take care of the driving, traffic, and parking hassles! Reach us at our Shuttle Express sales office or call 425-981-7000.