Safe, Eco-Friendly Employee Transportation

Giving your employees an alternative to driving and parking every day is a great move for your company, your employees, and your community. In fact, it’s the law in Washington State ― larger companies are required to offer options for their employees.

Our Shuttle Express Employee Shuttle Program is your solution.

We offer safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation options for corporate clients throughout the greater Seattle area. Do you need daily service? Just a few months of shuttles? Transportation for a large event? We’ve got you covered.

The environmental benefits of an employee commuter shuttle program are clear ― fewer cars burning fuel, crowding roadways, and taking up valuable parking areas. But the benefits of a shorter or more pleasant commute also mean healthier, happier employees. Check out more reasons why offering shuttle service for your employees is great for business and for employees.


What does an “Employee Commuter Program” mean?

Here are some of the ways our Seattle- and Bellevue-area clients rely on us to transport their employees:

  • Shuttles and mini coaches that transport employees between public transit hubs ― such as King Street Station and popular Metro stops–and their workplaces, each morning and evening.
  • Roving shuttles during the morning and evening commutes or any time of day, taking employees between their offices and less crowded off-site parking locations.
  • Daily one-way transportation from one location to another.
  • Emergency rides home for transit users who need to get home quickly, who are ill, or who need to go to an appointment during the day.

For more information on how we can help you implement your Commute Trip Reduction plan with an employee shuttle program, call us at 425-981-7096 or email Our experienced transportation planners will work with your facilities and transportation teams to create options tailored just for you.



Benefits of a Commuter Program

Encouraging your employees to leave their cars at home and use an Employee Commuter Program has many advantages, including:

  • Attracting and retaining valuable employees
  • Elevating employee morale and performance
  • Lowering employee “drive-alone rate”
  • Contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment
  • Reducing traffic congestion and fuel consumption
  • Freeing up valuable parking areas

Why Shuttle Express?

Shuttle Express offers many solutions for your corporate transportation needs – employee shuttles, private and shared airport service, and hourly luxury town car, SUV, and coach options for any-sized group throughout the greater Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, and Everett areas. We promise:

  • Trained, insured, friendly chauffeurs
  • Extensive, well-maintained fleet
  • Eco-friendly propane-fueled vans
  • Flexible, expert routing
  • Rider metrics
  • Personal, friendly account management

Contact us at 425-981-7096 or email for more information or to get a detailed proposal on how we can help you with your corporate employee transportation.