5 Travel Hacks for Flawless Executive Transportation

Planning travel for your executive team is often a critical part of an administrative professional’s job, but it’s not always easy juggling complicated travel details for others. The executive transportation coordinators with Seattle’s Shuttle Express offered their top five travel hacks and tips for keeping your busy executive’s business travel stress free and organized.

Use a Travel Planning Master Checklist

Save time by creating a master checklist to use every time you plan travel—add to it when a new situation or question comes up, and you’ll soon have a complete checklist that covers your executive team’s specific travel needs. Make sure any planner in your company uses the same checklist.

To get you started, here are standard questions to include:

  • What are the executive’s flight and hotel preferences?
  • Where and when are meetings and events scheduled?
  • Does the executive require WiFi on board?
  • Does the executive prefer private car service?
  • What specific information does the executive need for each meeting or event?

Create a Master Itinerary

Once you’ve booked everything, pull together the information in one document. This brings order to numerous travel details, especially if it’s a complicated trip with several components. The best way to present this is usually chronologically: what happens first, second, third, and so on. Here’s our advice on creating a simple, clear master itinerary:

  • Import all travel information into the traveler’s calendar.
  • Assemble boarding passes, confirmations, and contact info in one itinerary document. You may need to scan these in or create pdfs of some documents and merge them into one.
  • Proofread it thoroughly.
  • Provide a printed version as well as a digital itinerary in case there’s a glitch in technology (no reception, dead battery, lost mobile phone, etc.).

Prepare a Corporate Travel Crib Sheet

Predict the needs of your traveler before they happen—what info will she/he need during the trip? Create a simple cheat sheet with extra information on things such as:

  • Background on the meeting topics
  • Bios on the people your executive is meeting/working with (Google each one, for example, or pull LinkedIn info for background)
  • Helpful info on the location, if applicable, such as weather forecast or events happening in the area.

Take the Pain Out of Meeting Reports

Simply your executive’s reporting process, if possible. For example, create a “call report” template she/he can use to quickly record information following the meeting or event.

Create an Executive Travel Packet

Merge everything you’ve created into an Executive Travel Packet designed to keep your executive on time, productive, and stress free. Here’s an overview of what to include:

  • Master Itinerary, including flight times, airlines, flight numbers; hotel reservation number, contact information, and check in/out times; private car service company info, reservation number, contact number
  • Meeting and event details, including times, locations, contact info for main meeting organizer, and appropriate attire
  • Corporate Travel Crib Sheet
  • Call Report template


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