10 Resources for a Fabulous Family Reunion

June 27, 2017 By News Comments Off

Family reunions bring people together, build memories, and strengthen family bonds, but they take work! Seattle’s Shuttle Express has been the transportation answer for many reunions over the past 30 years—extended families, military reunions, class reunions, any type of gathering you can think of. We’ve done some research and pulled together 10 online resources to help you throw a stress-free, fun-filled reunion of your own. Enjoy!

Plan Ahead

The key to an organized event is planning, whether it’s a five-day shebang with hundreds of folks streaming in from around the country or a low-key affair on a Sunday afternoon. We found scads of sites dedicated to helping plan, but here are a few we liked:

  • GatheredAgain.com has a handy check-list.
  • RealSimple.com offers advice for everything from when to start planning to what type of event suits what type of group. Lots of info here.
  • GroupTravel.org has some basic tips for first-time planners.

Use Technology

Organizing an event involving several families gets complicated, so use technology to simplify communications and planning. Create a family reunion website to ensure everyone gets the same info. Groups texts and email blasts are other obvious ways to disseminate information.

Choose Your Location

Deciding where to have your reunion might be easy—the fun will happen in your backyard, or maybe the local park. If your group is adventurous with a generous budget, though, here are some interesting vacation spots to consider. Want to travel internationally? Check out these unexpected locations.

Food Brings Everyone Together

Sharing meals is often one of the main events at family reunions, but it also can be the most stressful part of planning. Depending on the size and budget of your group, the best option may be to go potluck or better yet, catered for the main meals so not everything falls on just a few people. Another idea is to appoint a food “committee” or have a different family be responsible for a certain meal. If you need help knowing how much food to prepare, here’s a guide. RealSimple.com offers three menus—BBQ, Italian, and Mexican-inspired to give you some inspiration if you’re on the food committee.

Let the Games Begin

Plan some activities for the group to break the ice and get people engaged and moving. HowItWorks.com offers up 10 family reunion game ideas ranging from the old standards, like tug of war, to games you develop, like family trivia. Activities like this help create memories, so don’t skip this one.

Getting There

Don’t forget transportation. Shuttle Express will drive your group to the airport or anywhere with friendly, safe chartered bus transportation you can trust. Shuttle Express has it all—sedans, SUVs, limos, vans, plus chartered buses for group transportation. Our professional, friendly drivers make sure you arrive safely and on time, so you can enjoy your family. Contact our helpful coordinators at sales@shuttleexpress.net, or get info and book online at shuttleexpress.com.