Tidy Up, Seattle – Office Declutter List

If you’re ready to lose your office clutter but you’re not sure where to start, check out our list. We asked the most organized, neat-freak transportation experts at Seattle’s Shuttle Express transportation headquarters for some ideas, and here’s what they came up with.

  1. Know and accept your organizational style—if you’re a filer, use a simple filing system and file your stuff every day. Don’t let things pile up. Maybe you’re a piler. See #2.
  2. If you’re a piler, go ahead and own it, just organize your piles. Get sturdy paper holders or decorative boxes to round up only those important papers you want to keep; maintain everything in neat, easily-movable groups.
  3. If you’re overwhelmed with clutter, set aside time—a few hours or a whole day, whatever it takes—to clear out everything. Then, bring back in only what you know you’ll use.
  4. Get in the habit of putting everything in its place after you use it, or at least at the end of each work day.
  5. Dirt happens. Schedule reminders for yourself to dust your computer monitor and keyboard, and keep disinfectant cleaning wipes on hand to regularly wipe-down other surfaces.
  6. Store often-used items and files nearest to you and store less important stuff farther away.
  7. Be ruthless—pitch things you never use.
  8. Clutter creep happens to the best of us, so do a “clean sweep” regularly to maintain your tidy space.
  9. Use drawer compartments to keep small items from jumbling together and making a mess.
  10. Enter or scan business cards into your contact system right away, then toss them in the trash (not in a drawer to handle later).
  11. Let go of your mountain of “sticky notes” and instead keep track of deadlines, details, and meetings with a virtual assistant app or in your calendar synced to your phone.
  12. Keep your virtual desktop as clutter-free as the rest of your space. Resist randomly saving files to your desktop, which results in a sea of unorganized files.
  13. Move photos and videos to the cloud using free options like Dropbox.
  14. Declutter your smartphone. Dump those apps you thought you couldn’t live without, but you never use.

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