Kudos to SeaTac Airport for Green Efforts

We at Shuttle Express strive to be a “green” transportation option for our guests, working to reduce our carbon footprint in Seattle. So, when we heard that SeaTac Airport had earned a major accreditation for its environmentally-friendly measures, we wanted to give them a big shout out!

In September, SeaTac Airport was recognized by the Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Carbon Accreditation Program for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by 8% over three years, officially becoming the first airport in North America to do so. The amount of carbon emissions saved is equivalent to about 50,000 tons of CO2 annually, the same amount produced by 700 single family homes each year. That’s a lot of saved CO2, folks.

To earn this accreditation, SeaTac Airport implemented several major initiatives, including installing 576 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the airport and installing a centralized heating and air conditioning system. SeaTac has ongoing plans to continue to decrease their carbon footprint in the future. To read the full story, check out this Puget Sound Business Journal article.

Speaking of reducing emissions, over the past three years we’ve converted the majority of our van fleet to clean-burning propane, saving an estimated 1,525 metric tons of CO2 each year. Our Share Ride service itself is an environmentally-friendly choice, eliminating an estimated 1 million car trips in and out of SeaTac Airport every year.

Shuttle Express also does its best to stay green in other ways–we recycle more than 600 gallons of oil and 300 gallons of antifreeze each year. In addition, our three-bay wash rack uses recycled water.

So, rest assured your airport and airport transportation are working to keep our environment and our air clean!

-Jana Heinrichs, Sales and Marketing