Score! 7 Ways to Get a Hotel Upgrade

Looking for ways to land that coveted hotel room upgrade? Our Shuttle Express travel coordinators gave us their tips on getting a better deal than what you started with. Remember, an upgrade can be more than just a bigger room—it may be a room on a higher floor (usually quieter and nicer), a better view, more amenities, spa vouchers, and/or restaurant credits.

  1. Get social about your upcoming stay, tweeting, posting, and chatting about how much you’re looking forward to the hotel. You may get noticed by the hotel and rewarded with an upgrade.
  2. Don’t book the cheapest room, instead book a mid-price room and you have a better shot at an upgrade.
  3. Request to see different rooms. If your reserved room is not acceptable for some reason, immediately go back to the front desk, tell them you’re disappointed with your room and want to see other options. To compensate for your disappointment, you could end up with an upgrade.
  4. Returning guests are very important to hotels, so if you’re in their loyalty program, say so before making your request.
  5. Consider tipping your front desk agent/manager. It’s a nice thing to do, and you may get preferential treatment. Worse thing that can happen—your generosity made someone happy.
  6. Use sites like DreamCheaper, a rebooking site that monitors your reservation, scanning for a better deal. If a better room comes up at the same price you paid, you automatically get upgraded. DreamCheaper cancels your previous booking and rebooks you at the same price. Upgrade score!
  7. Stay at a new hotel, since they are probably newly marketing the property and may offer lower rates on better rooms.

Most important advice: be polite, be friendly, and ask. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Good luck!

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