Shuttle Express upgrades SeaTac experience

November 12, 2012 By News Comments Off

Expanded airport waiting area, new amenities for Seattle Airport Shuttle Service

Aiming to improve the guest experience at SeaTac Airport, Shuttle Express has spruced up its airport digs, with further improvements on the way for its Seattle airport shuttle service.

The Shuttle Express service desk and check-in area at SeaTac Airport have been moved from the curbside area to the adjacent Ground Transportation Plaza, expanding into a well-lit, semi-enclosed area where customers have a place to relax, read and have a cup of coffee while they wait for the van. (The Ground Transportation Plaza is located on the 3rd floor of the parking garage, near the elevators.) Friendly Shuttle Express representatives are stationed at the new circular desk, on hand to greet guests, check them in and answer questions.

By December 2012, a new touch-screen kiosk will expedite check-in for guests who have pre-purchased tickets for the trip home. The company will also install T.V. monitors for guest viewing, along with improved seating areas.

Spend a little time to save a bundle

The eco-friendly Shuttle Express transportation model allows customers to share costs as they share rides, saving energy and reducing their personal carbon footprints in the process. This means that customers spend a little time at the airport – usually no more than 30 minutes from the time of check-in – to enjoy safe, affordable SeaTac Airport transportation.

Shuttle Express has served as SeaTac Airport’s official share-ride company since 1987, saving approximately a million car trips each year.