Shuttle Express adds propane autogas-fueled buses

July 17, 2013 By News Comments Off

Shuttle Express takes environmental commitment to the next level

Shuttle Express continues to make good on its commitment to go green by adding two propane autogas-fueled luxury buses to its extensive fleet. The coaches are the nation’s first two Ford F-550 buses built with the ROUSH® CleanTech dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel system. They recently traveled across 10 states from Kansas to Renton, WA, refueling at publicly-accessible propane autogas stations.

Since 2010, Seattle’s premier airport shuttle service has added 72 propane autogas-fueled vans to its fleet, with each new van reducing its carbon footprint by 90 percent compared to traditional gas-fueled vehicles. This saved an estimated 1,525 metric tons of CO2 from being released into the environment in 2012. According to the US EPA, that much CO2 is equivalent to:

  • The annual greenhouse gas emissions from 318 passenger vehicles.
  • CO2 emissions from 20 tanker trucks’ worth of gasoline.
  • Carbon sequestered by 1,250 acres of U.S. forests annually.

“Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we are reminded daily of our environmental responsibility,” said Devin Sherrell, the company’s Director of Operations. “We are proud that our share ride service is already eco-friendly, reducing car trips and saving millions of vehicle miles each year. As we continue to convert our fleet to alternative fuel, it takes our emissions and energy saving strategy to an even higher level.”

Currently, Shuttle Express uses about 900,000 gallons of fuel and travels about 10 million miles each year in the Puget Sound area. Sherrell said switching from gasoline to propane has been a tremendous success in terms of dependability and performance, and the company plans to continue expanding the company’s green policies.

Shuttle Express has served as SeaTac Airport’s official share-ride company since 1987, saving an estimated two million cars trips to and from the airport each year. Sherrell said the company will continue to improve upon and provide green transportation solutions to its guests. The direction parallels SeaTac Airport’s emission-reduction initiatives.

“Shuttle Express has always been concerned about sustainability—our ride share airport service has been an eco-friendly business from its inception,” Sherrell said. “Propane autogas is a good choice for our operation because of its availability and viability as an alternative fuel. It’s the right choice for Shuttle Express, SeaTac Airport and our community.”