Outrageously Good Coffee Combos

March 8, 2017 By News Comments Off

We’re always looking for new ways to enjoy our old favorites. Just for fun, our Seattle travel coordinators here at Shuttle Express went in search of some unique new coffee flavors to try. Here are the results. Enjoy!

  • Baklava Latte with honey syrup – Sweet and creamy. Yum.
  • Coffee with Bacon – Can’t get enough bacon in your life? Add it to your morning joe. Here’s an interesting bacon spice coffee recipe to try, if you dare.
  • Pineapple Coffee Combo – Okay, technically this is a cocktail, but it’s an interesting flavor combination that involves coffee. It qualifies!
  • Butter Pecan Coffee – Let’s face it, any ice cream flavor added to your coffee will probably make an outstanding drink.
  • Lavender White Mocha – We’re told the folks over at Bedlam Coffee on 2nd Avenue in Seattle make an amazing version. It’s a new flavor combo for us!
  • Poor Man’s Mocha – Mix black coffee with flavored hot cocoa, like mint or raspberry, or try throwing in some Nutella. Tasty, simple, and budget-friendly!

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