Helping Others, One Ride at a Time

No matter what time of year, it feels good to lend a hand, to make someone smile, to lighten someone’s load. Our Shuttle Express Team was fortunate enough to get that opportunity this holiday season when KING5 Evening asked us to help a local family get to the Seahawks game on Christmas Eve.

The Gritten Family of Spanaway won tickets to the Dec. 24 Seahawks-Cardinals game through Ben’s Fund/Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington, an organization that helps families affected by autism. Ben’s Fund/FEAT was founded by John Schneider (general manager of the Seahawks) and Traci Schneider in honor of their son Ben, who has an autism diagnosis. (Check out their site to find out about their great work with Washington families!)

The Grittens have been through some significant health challenges this year, and going to the game promised some needed fun and relaxation for the whole family. The monkey wrench in the plan? The Grittens’ vehicle had broken down, and they had no way to get to the game.

KING5 Evening thought of us and called because, well, that’s what Shuttle Express does—we get people to where they need to be. We were delighted to send a 10-passenger private service van to take the Grittens to the game and back home again. Problem solved. Game enjoyed!

Thanks, KING5 and Ben’s Fund/FEAT, for inviting Shuttle Express to join in helping the Gritten family make happy memories this holiday season. The pleasure was all ours.

From our Shuttle Express family to yours, enjoy a safe, happy 2017!