A-B-Cs of Hassle-Free Conference Transportation

Stress-free transportation is a critical part of any successful conference, but oftentimes it’s forgotten about until the last minute because, let’s face it, planning a conference is hard work and something’s bound to slip through! Our Shuttle Express sales coordinators understand, and they’ve compiled these tips to help make planning your conference transportation just a little easier.

A is for Airport

The first and last impression that all attendees will have of the conference is their transportation between the airport and the hotel. Unfortunately, this is also that little detail that most attendees forget about. They remember to book their flights and hotel rooms, but many don’t even consider how they’ll get from the airport to the hotel and back.

Give your attendees options. Find shuttle services in the area that are willing to work with your conference. Many services, like Shuttle Express, will offer discounts based on the anticipated volume, which means the bigger your conference the more likely you are to get discounted rates for your attendees! Look for online booking portals (similar to hotel booking portals), that you can place right on the conference website. We provide this option, which makes it easy for your attendees to book and will ensure they have a positive experience right from the start.

B is for Bigwigs

Once you’ve identified transportation options for attendees, find out if the shuttle company offers professional town car service for your VIPs and speakers. These are the guests you want to impress, so set them up with a little luxury.

If you get quotes from different companies, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Are they licensed and fully-insured? Where does the driver meet the guest–in Baggage Claim, or does the guest have to call the driver? Is gratuity included? Are there any discounts for the conference?

Talk to your headquarter hotel. Many hotels work with a town car company that they can recommend, and you know your VIPs will be taken care of. We partner with many hotels in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area to provide professional car service.

C is for Charters

Did you plan some fun activities for your attendees? Many conferences offer fantastic galas or parties at off-site locations or have different tours and activities planned that attendees can sign up for at registration.

Usually, you’ll need transportation for these events, so head back to your shuttle company and find out if they offer charter service. Chances are, if they have those vehicles for their airport service, they can provide private service for your events. For example, Shuttle Express has a large fleet of 14- to 55-passenger coaches available for most-sized groups.

The Best Advice?

Hand over your full itinerary and anticipated attendance and let the shuttle company take care of the transportation details. You have enough on your plate planning a conference, and this is what they do all day long!

When planning a conference or convention in the Seattle area, contact Shuttle Express for all of your transportation needs. As the region’s transportation experts, we can offer full-service transportation, from your attendees’ airport service, town cars for your VIPs, and charter service for those off-site events.

If you need help with your conference transportation, contact us at sales@shuttleexpress.net, or call 425-981-7096 and ask for the sales team. We’re happy to help!

-Jana Heinrichs, Sales and Marketing Coordinator