Pets on Holiday! Travel Tips and Resources

Our pets are part of our families, and families travel together! Here are some great tips and resources for safe and enjoyable travels with your furry family members.

Do your research:

Before booking your airline ticket, check on the airline’s pet policies. Each carrier has its own rules, and it’s important to pay attention to any pet-related requirements. Check out this helpful site for your airline’s specific policies.

Make sure to choose a pet-friendly hotel and ask them about any rules or restrictions before you book. Here’s a great resource that lists hotel chains that roll out the welcome mat for your pet!

Getting to the airport is easy with Shuttle Express, and we welcome our guests’ pets! Please let us know you have a pet traveling with you when you book. We ask that you observe a few guidelines listed in our FAQ’s to ensure the comfort and safety of our other passengers. Small pets are welcomed when in an appropriate pet carrier that can fit at your feet in our vehicle. If your pet carrier does not fit at your feet, it can be put in the back with the luggage and will count as one of your checked pieces. If you have a large kennel, you can book a private van. Exceptions include properly harnessed or leashed service animals, including seeing eye, hearing impaired, and certified search dogs, that will lie at the owner’s feet.


Just as you pack a suitcase for yourself, pack a travel kit for your pet. Some items to include: health records, nail clippers, liquid bandages, portable bowl, and bottled water. Make sure to bring a pooper-scooper, waste bags, treats, an extra leash, and a favorite pillow or toy. Your pet should have a proper ID tag, too, in case of an emergency.

Feed your pet three to four hours before the trip, and make sure to go outside for a potty break before you leave.

Can’t take your pet with you? 

Consider Cascade Kennels in Woodinville. They are a full-service pet care facility offering a broad range of services including boarding, grooming, and daycare. They have services specially designed for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and most other household pets. Cascade Kennels is just 3 miles from downtown Woodinville on a beautiful, heavily wooded rural site filled with winding nature trails, duck ponds, off-leash play yards and indoor kennels.

Happy, Safe Travels to all our guests and their pets!