Make a Long Flight Fly By!

Most of us have experienced those long flights across the country and beyond–cramped and uncomfortable in an airplane seat for hours on end. But, if you know some of the tips and tricks, your endless flight could be stress-free and painless. Check out these suggestions from experienced travelers:

Bring “Go-To” Gear
Your carry-on bag should be packed with comfort items and things to keep you occupied, such as a travel pillow, eye mask, headphones/earplugs, tablet, blanket, and snacks. And always prepare for lost luggage–pack your carry-on bag with small toiletries, medications, and an extra set of clothes!

Choose Your Seat Carefully
Try to get an aisle seat when booking your flight. With an aisle seat, you can more easily hop up and use the restroom without climbing over someone else, and it also allows you easy access to your gear in your carry-on bag.

Stay Hydrated
It is important to stay hydrated on a lengthy flight, so drink plenty of water! Limit alcohol, though, because that will have the opposite effect.

Make sure to get up from your seat occasionally to stretch and move around. Move as often as possible to avoid getting muscle cramps and knots in your neck and back. It’s also important to stand up and move on extended flights to help prevent blood clots in your legs, which is a dangerous condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Try to get some rest during the flight. Napping helps offset jetlag upon arrival, and refreshes you so you’re ready to enjoy your destination.

Plan Ahead for Airport Transportation Service
If you’re starting or ending your trip at SeaTac Airport, try Shuttle Express’s private car service, the quickest way to your home or hotel! Your chauffeur tracks your flight, meets you at baggage claim holding your name sign, and escorts you to your waiting town car. No sharing. Before you know it, you are at your destination!

-Allyson Eli, Sales and Marketing