Here are some helpful hints for booking on our new site:

  • For Location Type, choose “Airport,” “Address” or “Hotel” for your pick-up location, and choose “Airport,” “Address” or “Hotel” for your drop-off location. Under “Airport,” make sure to choose SEA for Sea-Tac Airport.
  • Our system uses official airline codes and some might not sound familiar. For example, Southwest Airlines is “WN.”
  • When entering your flight number in the field, enter only flight numbers not the preceding airline letters.  For example: for Hawaiian Airlines flight HA29, enter only 29.
  • Please have your complete flight info ready, since our system checks for accurate flight data to make sure we get you there on time.
  • Spell out direction designations – for example, “NE” should be “Northeast.”
  • Enter your phone number in this format: 000-000-0000; if you have an international number, just enter zeros in this format.


Thanks for choosing Shuttle Express–we appreciate you!